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I just recently bought another warrior and the owner before me removed the rear foot pegs along with the actual mounting brackets. So after a very unsuccessful search for both stock mounting brackets and relocation mounting brackets, I figured it was time to stop being so lazy and just fab my own. I drew up a template from looking at photos online of the factory Yamaha relocating brackets and made a couple different sizes of the template until I found the one that looked best up beside the bike. I cut the final templates I liked out of 1/4" steel plate (actually just cut the peices out of the top of my welding table lol!). I bought some 13/32"x3/4" (3/4" O.D.) steel spacers, and a set of aluminum rear foot pegs that are actually made for a Yamaha R1. I just measured my bolt holes (almost exactly 1" oc) and used a cordless drill to drill out my bolt holes on the brackets. I then tacked and test fit both sides before welding the spacers on. Once that was done I bolted them on and just literally eyed up the angle I wanted each side for the foot peg Orientation. Since the pegs I bought weren't made for the warrior I had determine the orientation on each side that worked best for closing the pegs. I used some 3/16" steel I had laying around to make the leg mounting tabs and then welded those one. Instead of using the springs that came with the pegs, I just welded the tabs on the brackets in a way that the friction would hold them closed. Once all was tacked up, test fit, and then welded I threw some paint on. I may replace the hex bolts I used with the stock button head bolts once I find a set, but the hex head will have to do for now.
I used a ginder with a cutoff wheel and a flap wheel to do the cutting and shaping, a cordless drill with a wire wheel to clean it up, and a tig welder to weld everything together. I think they turned out OK, but next time I take them off for anything I'll probably get then powder coated. Let me know what you think.
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