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Now she's fast!!!

Won't get to the dyno shop until spring, but the butt dyno tells me I just gained alot of power.

When I purchased my Warrior, I had no idea about this Forum or Warriors in detail, so I bought the Baron's BAK, and had the shop install it, along with some other mods when I took over ownership. The bike came with a PCIII and Samson Street Sweepers. I have spent alot of time dinking around with maps and trying to get it right. I've learned alot so far.

I couldn't afford another BAK, so I went with what I had installed and modified it. I bought two s/s 90 degree pipes and cut them to fit. I attached them with radiator hose and clamps, and installed some coned K&N Filters. I also got a set of Speedstar 2-1 headers, and removed the heatshields. I used exhaust wrap on them, and have installed a Hedman Resonator exhaust tip to cut the noise a little and add some back pressure. Messx03 sent me his map for a very similar setup, and I downloaded that today.

The combination of these upgrades is astonishing! It's like a whole different machine. I dropped the clutch from a highway traffic light today, and left my riding buddy like a bolt of lightning. When I looked for him in my mirror, he was barely visible. The bike feels so much more powerful, it'samazing. This is all very exciting, since I haven't even gotten into the engine yet.

I just want to say thanks to the forum for educating me, and for being so **** cool. You guys make owning this bike alot more fun than any motorcycle I've ever had before. It's really something to be a part of. Thanks!
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