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quote:Originally posted by programmergeek

I get this error only on the Warrior General forum for weeks now.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'
Warning: Fatal error 1203 occurred at Dec 17 2002 3:55PM
/forums/forum.asp, line 331

That is interesting because when this error occurs, everyone should get it. What is your OS and which Browser do you use?

See below for the error description ...

ODBC 80004005 Error, If the connection scheme for accessing SQL Server is not set correctly, users viewing your database application may receive an ODBC 80004005 error message. To correct this situation, try using a local named pipe connection instead of a network named pipe connection if SQL Server is running on the same computer as IIS. Windows XP security rules will not be enforced because the pipe is a local connection rather than a network connection, which can be impersonated by the anonymous user account. Also, in the SQL Server connection string (either in the Global.asa file or in a page-level script), change the parameter SERVER=server name to SERVER=(local). The keyword (local) is a special parameter recognized by the SQL Server ODBC driver. If this solution does not work, then try to use a non-authenticated protocol between IIS and SQL Server, such as TCP/IP sockets. This protocol will work when SQL Server is running locally or on remote computer.
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