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Hello friends,

The time has come. After a long search, sort out, and some cancellations I can present to you the hotel today,
in which we will hold our 16th Warrior meeting. This year I want to offer you something special. Since the
farewell pain on Sundays has always been very big in recent years, some guys asked about to extend the meeting.
That's why I want to offer you an optional warm-up this year. The ones who wants and have time, can already
meet a day before. I will also prepare a small tour on Friday for those. The actual meeting takes place as usual
from Friday to Sunday.

Warm-up party: 9th of July.
The Meeting; from 10th to 12th of July.

The hotel is the Burgschänke Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken.
Burgschänke means castle taverns
As always, you will find all further information and registration on our website.

Looking forward to see you guys there.


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We are keeping our eyes peeled here for you D'Tart.

Was speaking to Heff yesterday about you going with us to Germany..

Yes, you guessed right....... he's jealous :D :D

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