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:Thumbsup: well that went very well... i'm real late thanking everyone.... mr wizzy you did an outstanding organising job ...truly wonderful and on your own

and Kreiga for taking the reins and leading everyone

met some really friendly new guys to the euro meetings ...and hope to continue to see them

and those barstools from holland who made me laugh all the way from dover and for being house pests before they left the uk in the rain and f'ck off queues

surprise moment ...stopped in a garage to take cover from a sudden storm and a big black MT-01 comes gently towards our bikes closer and closer and the rider got bigger and bigger ... well well it was our marco all the way from dresden .... big man hug moment and i still can't stop smiling

cheers everyone ... the warrior brings the family together like nothing else

so let me know where and when the next meeting is mr president and i;ll be there
21 - 22 of 22 Posts