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{Conditionally approved for sale format. Outcome of this test will determine future allowability. ArizonaWarrior}

Ok man, this is hard. I know per forum rules I have to list a price for every item so maybe I could do it like this, and moderators please let me know if this breaks any rules. Since I have SO MUCH to sell maybe I can just post what's been taken. Members can go on my bike profile and post what they want and I'll give a price.

Please no initial inquiries by pm, all prices and condition will be publicly posted and prices given do not include shipping.

I should also mention that it's gunna take a little time to break the bike down but I'll get stuff out as soon as I can.

What I'm keeping:

Kuryakyn mini floorboards

Here's a list of parts already going to good homes, parts not on this this list are still available:

Vbak / Desertboy
stock shaved seat / Desertboy
BTK Power pipe / rj1
Memphis shades Bullet Fairing / Robskllz
complete foot controls including 5' extension kit / 2002MN1700
polished 102 cover / Robsillz
polished clutch basket cover / Robskllz
tappet block covers / Robskllz
Cyclops 7000 lumen headlight / rj1
Kylenv hidden rear caliper bracket / rj1
chrome upper engine seat latch cover and matching chrome right side cover / rj1
Battery / rj1
Frame and title / personal friend
Tires / rj1
Christok Warbat spoiler / Desertboy
Chrome fork tube covers / Robskllz
Starter / Brizz
Chrome clutch case insert / Robskllz
Chrome switch covers left and right / sold
Chrome Arlen Ness flamed billet mirrors / sold
brake lines, throttle cables, clutch cable / sold
complete left side cleanup with left side coil relocation bracket, chrome plug wires, Dyna coils / Robskllz
Barnett clutch spring conversion / Desertboy
PC111 / Jarv
Barnett clutch conversion with red springs and full friction plate mod / Desertboy
Fuel pump and auxillary Tank / 1256day
Belt 1256day
Front and rear led strips / zrat
chrome flamed transfer case cover / sold
brake and clutch lever / clutch perch / PabloJuan
headlight bezel / sold
Passenger peg relocation brackets / CrustyGeezer
Billet grips / sold
Tach / sold
Chrome neck inserts / sold
Signal switch / sold
5" foot extension kit / Firebird
Footpegs / sold
ECU / Acm
Peg brackets / sold
Stator / sold
Rectifier / sold
Stock rear fender /commandc
Lowering links / sold
Rear shock and spring / sold
Kuryakyn Transformer backrest / BCURTIS
SS Cams / Heff
Ignition switch/Heff
Lean angle sensor, post recall TPS, neutral switch, side stand switch, speedo head / Arizonawarrior
Frame, Title / Arizonawarrior
Headlight bucket / sold
Decomp solenoid / sold
Kuryakyn mini floorboards / Arizonawarrior
V&H Propipe / evilrider
Stretched tank and cut seat / Robskllz
Do you have a rear brake caliper mounting bracket?

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