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First off....AWESOME site!
Secondly...AWESOME people here!
Third....These Warriors kick azz!!

I just bought an 05 from a friend. It had a broken rat rod style pipe on it. That was the only problem. Well, and it was the fire red. So I took it in for a new pipe. Then decided to go fully custom. I'm hooked!
It's in paint right now going from red to metalic house of color silver with blood red ghost skulls all down the center of the bike's fenders and tank. It looks dope!
Then she goes back to the custom shop for new super loud pipes, rear brake relocation, rear end cleanup, 250 rear wheel and new rims.
You see I figured once bitten....go for the gold! I'm not a bronze medalist. GOLD!

I'll throw up alot of pics through the process of my mods. All the pics you guys throw up are very helpful and alot of great ideas!

Lookin forward to alot of fun!
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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