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I just wanted to do a survey of how many Member's we have that are part of The Fat *******'s Club........Yes, I am talking about rear tire. 240, 250, 260 & 280 or larger.......I will update as this topic grows! Please provide size tire, date purchased and from which Vendor and or DIY.

78 and climbing....[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]

DarkStar, Avon Venom R 250, 2005...Cycle Image.
MSM698, Dunlop 250, 2004....RC Wheels. G&S Cycles
Cmzracing, Metz 280, 2006....Cycle Image.
Yamatized, Metz 240, 2004....Cycle Image.
BigBear2592, Metz 260, 2006....G&S Cycles.
Bluzsman2004, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image.
MacWarrior, Metz 240, RC Wheels, Cycle Image Arm.
DidHaveCars, Metz 240, Kosman Rim & DIY Arm.
Fong, Metz 280....
MaximumDave, Avon 250, RC Wheels, Cycle Image Arm.
OhioMike, Metz 260, 2006....RC Wheels, Performance Edge single sided arm.
Deathdeelr, Avon 250, 2004....RC Wheels, Barons Arm.
Ezg123, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
Snyper39, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
SmokeTrain, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image.
BrB03, Metz 260, 2006....Performance Edge.
Batzman, Metz 240, 2005....Cycle Image.
LaGalaxy8, 240-250, G&S Cycles Rim, Barons Arm.
BrazeauRacing, Metz 240, Kosman Rim, DIY Arm.
R1-2-Warrior, Metz 240, Performance Edge.
BigTed, Metz 240, RC Wheels, Performance Edge arm.
EHacker01, Metz 300, Big Dog K9 Wheels, LeftHandBlack arm.
Doog, Metz 240, 2005....Performance Edge.
DougWa, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image.
808Warrior, Metz 260, 2005....G&S Cycles.
Rokel, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image.
4ngtrhp, Metz 240, DIY arm, Performance Edge rim.
357Warrior, Metz 240, 2004....Cycle Image.
ChurchKey, Metz 240, Kosman rim, DIY rim.
Ac-Tec, Metz 260, G&S Cycles.
Dakman, Metz 240, 2005....Cycle Image.
eddieSwarrior, Metz, 240, RC Wheels, G&S Cycles.
Vector18, Metz 240, 2005....G&S Cycles.
SFLA02si, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
bmb408, Metz 280, Cycle Image.
WIKD, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
KMDC, Metz 280, 2005....Cycle Image.
Bugei, Metz 280, 2005....Cycle Image.
Amospro, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image.
bdeem, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
Kroozn2, Metz 240, 2006....Kosman rim, DIY arm.
Brit Warrior, Metz 240, 2005....Cycle Image.
WarStar, Metz 240, 2004....Cycle Image.
IronGoose, Metz 240, RC Wheels, G&S Cycles.
Ekmaint, Metz 240, 2005....Cycle Image.
johnx121, Metz 260, Kosman rim, DIY arm.
bottleboy, Metz 240, 2004....Cycle Image.
Smaha, Metz 240, RC Wheels, Performance Edge.
Jon CockToastel, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image rims, DIY arm.
Cat Daddy, Metz 240, 2005....Cycle Image.
Noize, Metz 240, 2004....G&S Cycles.
Skunk666, Metz 280, Cycle Image rim.
Homersmate, Metz 280, 2006....Cycle Image.
BaddBob, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
JSpencer, Dunlop 250, 2005....Cycle Image rim, Broward arm.
Spanky102, Metz 280, 2005....G&S Cycles.
ABP, Metz 240, 2005....Cycle Image.
Connector, Metz 240, 2006....Cycle Image.
wheeliefunr1, Metz 260, 2006....Cycle Image.
70rsss, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
needanewscooter, Metz 260, 2006....Cycle Image.
Frankenstein, Metz 240 x 2, RC rims.
Ron, Metz 240, Cycle Image, DIY Arm.
Poults, Metz 240, BMS.
Boxercupnowell, Metz 280, G&S Cycles.
Rainemaker, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
spectorbassguy, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
warrior202, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
RaySDF250, Dunlop Elite 3 240, Kosman Wheel, DIY Arm.
madav8tr, Metz. 260, Cycle Image.
Madman, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
BoricuaWarrior, Metz 260, Cycle Image.
slothy, Avon 250, RC Wheel, Cycle Image Arm.
needawarrior, Avon 250, G&S Cycles Swingarm, Kosman Rim.
migsy, Metz 240, Cycle Image.
Pep, Dunlop Elite 3 240, DIY Swingarm, Kosman Rim.
aznwrr, Metz 280, Cycle Image.
joshuaerdman, Metz 260, G&S Cycles.

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Dunlop 250 with a G+S Cycles modified rear swingarm(RC Components wheels) and was done in '04 or beginning of ' all just blends together now[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]

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sorry to butt in, yet stock tire.
I guess this thread is gonna be a long one/emoticons/emotion-1.gif

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I am lean and mean on the rear 190, but got a 38-40" waist so I am a Fat *******, riding a thin tire. who say's 260 lbs on a 6' frame is not a fat *******.

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250, RC Wheels, Cycle Image swingarm, 2004. I choose the Avon 250 because I liked the tread pattern better than tht Metzler. {/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]

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Single Sided SwingArm RC Gladiator Wheels 260 Tire tricky air rotor/brake/pulley and Wave rotors up front

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Had the 280 Kit before this work from CI

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CI 240 and modified swingarm, stock finish done earlier this year.

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260 midnight with silver stripes and matching pulley. completed in july 06 . performance edge 260 kit.

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G&S Cycles modify stock wheel
Dunlop 250 tire
Metz 240 tire
barons swingarm
Stock mod 260 swingarm from g&s Cycles, or Performance Edge or Cycle Image coming soon!
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