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finally....tomorrow is the big day!

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So...I'm still a noobie! Tomorrow nite I get to pick up my first bike, an 02 warrior! I've never been one to leave things alone (used to be a big car nut, but i "think" the bike would be a little less costly) SO the bike has Samson or shogun street sweepers on it, and the rest is stock. It has according to the seller had the recall done (anyway to check?)
Anyway, First thing I'll do is take pics and you folks can tell me if i got an ok deal or not, and then I'll ask for some advice and i promise to use the search function before i ask too many questions! Bringing pics later! peace
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Congratz and welcome to the forum . You can go to the yamaha web page and check the recall with the vin number . YOUR GONNA LUV THE WARRIOR. Just take it slow at first if it is your first bike!!
good luck.
yah..hang on!!! that first and second gear compared to any cruiser will pull hard lol
Post pics and cost and mileage. Welcome to 4um, and as already stated, start off slow, the power can bite you pretty quickly.
Welcome to the 4rum ,you have a great bike mine is an 02 !!
The warrior is your first bike...Wow! Good luck and take it easy. Watch out for the Mod bug!
Congrats! Charles Welcome to the site.
P.S. What a dumb screen name. Just Kidding
quote:Originally posted by GottaHaveOne

Congrats! Charles Welcome to the site.
P.S. What a dumb screen name. Just Kidding
[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif] i dig it!
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Congrats on the bike and welcome to the forum
When I got mine I was very excited! Has gotten better every time I ride...meaning still just as excited!
Congratulations and welcome to the 4M! The 02' is the fastest year.
Welcome. Wow, your first bike. Be careful especially when going slow. To get used to the speed, I just duct taped my hands to the problem!
You're going to love this bike and you'll be amazed with how much customization can be done.
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