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Finally after looking and drooling over Warriors since their introduction I rode my new '06 Warrior home from the dealer today.

The quest really started in '04 when I almost bought a gray and silver one, but for some reason or another I just walked away from the idea. Last year I really hit it hard looking for a new blue and silver flamed Warrior, I couldn't find anything remotely close to home, I found a couple red ones for a decent price, but dead on blue. Enter spring 2006, after riding the heck out of my father's Shadow I had to find a Warrior, this time any color would do, I had the fever and the only medication was a Warrior. Yesterday I stop in the local dealer (one I'm not fond of at all) and what do I see, a brand new charcoal Warrior, and it even had some Bigshots already installed. I drooled, my heart pounded, I had to have it, sure it wasn't blue, but I had to have a Warrior and here was one in front of my face. It was marked right at MSRP and the exhaust price was pretty steep, now I'm bummed, because this place barely comes down from MSRP. So, I look at it for a few minutes, nobody around for salesmen, I drool and scope it out a bit longer, nothing. By now I'm looking for a salesman, and asking for one, I spent another ten minutes waiting and looking. I got pretty mad and got sick of waiting so I steamed out like a little brat who couldn't get a new toy. I hopped in my 4Runner and got on the phone calling a dealer 45 miles away, this dealer has a great rep for customer satisfaction. After sitting on hold for maybe a minute (but felt like an eternity) I got a salesman, and before he could finish a sentence I blurted out "I need your help finding a specific bike, I am looking for an '06 or '07 Warrior, can you help me out. The salesman calmly says "Why sure sir we can help you out and find you a bike, as a matter of fact we have a brand new carry over '06 in Blue with silver flames".
I completely shut down for a moment, I though, am I dreaming, did he say a blue '06, the bike I looked desperately for all last year? so I asked him to repeat himself and he did indeed say that.
So, today I got to work and straight up told my boss, I absolutely have to get off early today, she said sure I guess that'll be fine. I called my mom remembering her saying she had the afternoon off, and asked her to drive me the 45 miles to the dealer, I didn't want to drive just in case the possibility came up to ride it home, which is what I did.
So, with little to no looking involved I got the exact bike I had to have last year when I was going to settle for any color this time around just the day after I decided to go on the hunt for a Warrior.

I have been a member of the site for over a year and a lurker of the site for quite a bit longer, but now I am finally an "official member" to one of the best online communities there is. Thanks to all of you guys, I came into being a Warrior owner ready to go and full of information thanks to you guys.

If you can't tell I am still overly excited which explains the rambling above.

By the way, the mod bug bit already, I will have those Bigshots I saw on the other Warrior and fuel management of some sort on the bike about when the break in miles are up Possibly a BAK at the same time.

One question though, Does anyone know anything about the Terry Components Terminal Velocity II Fuel Management System yet?

Let the Mods begin!!!

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Welcome aboard Tom!!

It looks like the Terry unit is HD-specific:

From their website:
Terry Components' Terminal Velocity II "Alpha N" Fuel Injection Management System allows FULL-TIME Tuning for all Harley-Davidson Motorcycles equipped with Delphi, Magneti-Marelli ECU and V-Rods. It adapts to after-market upgrades such as Exhaust MODS, Intake MODS, Large Throttle Bodies, CAMS, Big Bore Kits, and manages the fuel delivery as you drive. No need for costly DYNO tests and you never have to build or load a MAP. Installation is simple and in most cases is completed in less than 1 hour. Tested under the most extreme conditions, this devise manages fuel delivery as you drive, increasing performance and economy.

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Great post Tom. I know where you're coming from. I called all dealers within a 3 hour drive looking for an 06 Cobalt Blue w/flames. Finally got a dealer an hour away to order me one. Congrats on finding what you wanted and welcome to the hood. BTW CB06 Warrior's are the fastest.[/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]
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