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This is terrible news. Even the Desertboy13 bike will not help you fix this. Unbelievable. Silver lining is you seem to be okay so you must have geared-up. And that new helmet saved your prominent chin brother.

You haven't been here long, about half a year, but you fit-in real well and you accomplished alot. It's an unbelievable outcome, completely unfair to you and your girlfriend. Hoping the lightless-cager's insurance covers your needs.

This is a case where it's probably a good idea to sell both bikes to a mc salvage yard and/or take the insurance payout, and either way maybe you can post that wrecking yard's contact info for members who might need some bit that somehow survived the double whammy.

I'm very glad you're doing well physically. The mental whammy will pass quickly because you posted wassup here and let us know, and many here have been in exactly the same situation. It can happen to anyone. You were smart. Hopefully you'll be back!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts