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2008 Yamaha Warrior
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Wow glad you are okay!! You walked away alive and that's the important part! I actually haven't really talked much about it and haven't said anything yet til now but I also wrecked my beloved 06 Midnight Warrior in a very similar way at the beginning of December...lady made a left in front of me trying to shoot a gap in stopped traffic and there was no time for me to do anything. my frame also snapped but definitely not as bad as yours...they totaled it out (chunk of the neck snapped off) and paid me 7k for it. Was 10 miles from hitting 20k miles on her...20 days later and I had every single thing replaced like it never happened...all my gear and I even found another Warrior only a hour from me for sale...2008 with only 5k orginal miles on it. It's not a Midnight (its red) but I was able to buy back my wrecked one for only $600 from the insurance and swap over 95% of the aftermarket things I put on it to the new one....point is..don't let this bring ya down..find another and live to ride another day! Im now on my third Warrior..i dont see myself without one anytime soon because there is nothing else like it! The bike is incredible and the community that has been built here is even more amazing #Warrior4life
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