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I was going hang out with some friends tonight, and thought i'll take the Warrior because its nice out and because I can.

And yeah the night went a little differently than planned... Im okay, the ER did a bunch of tests and scans and basically i'm just bruised and cut up a little, no breaks, no internal bleeds... no concussions...

I can not say the same for the Warrior

So I was headed south on a road, and there was someone sitting in the median facing north without their headlights or blinkers on trying to turn left, and they turned in front of me, and I didn't have time to safely stop nor did I have the room to go around them... And yeah, ran into them at probably 30-40mph because I think I locked the tires up trying to stop/slow down. Honestly its all a little bit of a blur, I remember thinking "better not turn, Oh F I need to stop, well i guess this is how it ends..."

The bikes frame was broken on the first impact. I could not safely get it out of the road on my own, I tried to pick it up and the forks were lifted up... but not the rest of the bike, and it was dumping gas, so I didn't want to drag it. I got out of the road and to safety... and like a minute later another car smashed into it. And that took it from 2 pieces to 3+ pieces.

Called the Cops to make sure they took statement and got insurance information....
Called the GF who made an hour drive in like 40 mins, and called a friend to pick me up to take me to the ER.

And yeah just got home, I really liked my Warrior, I working on trying to find someone to fix the paint to make it look pretty again, and maybe even have it dyno tuned since the dealership the gf works at was offering discounted dyno tunes to get people in and looking at their stock...

but... now thats not really on the tables.

I will say, as sad as it is to lose the Warrior, I got pretty lucky to be unharmed as much as I was, and I put that partially on the warrior itself, during the first impact the frame broke and I feel like that took a lot of the force and redirected it.

Pics attached, no low ball offers, I know what I got.
I am glad you are ok. That's the most important thing. Anything is replaceable except your life.
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