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Hi all.

2 months into owning my Warrior and I quite enjoy it. when I bought it, the seller had a few extras including a new belt and the original seat/rear seat.

Apparently he bought one belt but they shipped him 2 and they worked out a deal without sending it back, and the original bike seat was replaced by a Corbin unit. I have tried both and I prefer the Corbin.

The catch is that there is NO hardware for the rear seat. He lost the original attachment hardware so you will get both the front and rear seat. The seats both show next to no signs of wear. I assume they were used for just a short period, as the seller indicated he didnt even remember taking them off as he got it so long ago.

The only issue is that I am in Canada, so shipping SUCKS here. Shipping anywhere in Canada is 30$ Canadian, but shipping to the USA is 70$ Cdn (or 40-50$ USD)

Anyhow, if you are interested give me a shout. I am on Ebay/Paypal/Kijiji/E-transfer with nothing but positive feedback (gemini8026 on Ebay)

I do not really know how to price this stuff, so lets say

125$ usd for the seats + 45$ usd shipping to USD or 30$ cdn to Canada
100$ usd for the belt + 20$ shipping anywhere.

200$ + 30$ usd shipping for both together?!

If Im out to lunch let me know.

Thanks. Jeff

Pictures Attached below.....
EDIT. It wont let me attach pictures as I only have 11 posts.... :s

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I checked and you are turned-on for attachments. Try this:

On your original post for-sale ad, click EDIT then click GO ADVANCED then MANAGE ATTACHMENTS. From there you can figure it out to attach up to ten attachments. Image files may need to be reduced in filesize to fit.

In The Welcome Mat is a thread for FAQ's housing image file to help with step-by-step if helpful.

Hope this helps.
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