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stock warrior 07 bars and risors make offer

also 2006 V-Star 1100 carbs with Max-Air predator pro kit (the V-star version of a churchkey kit) with fuel cut off solenoid kit, Max-Mix idle adjustment screws, jetted, and floats adjusted all this with less than 2000 miles on them. This kit really wakes up a V-Star, and completely remove (IMO) the need for a 6th gear. I took them off when I traded for my Warrior because a friend wanted them but soon got a divorce and had to sell his bike so they have just been boxed up in the garage for a while.The parts cost new as follows.

predator pro kit $219.00

max-mix pro idle screws $35.00

carb solenoid removal kit $45.00

total $299.00 plus they are allredy installed on '06 carbs set-up ready to go just need to be balanced after installed on your bike (a homemade gauge will cost about $5.00 to make or I'll send you mine) also will include AIS removal kit.

All for $250.00 + shipping

pm with questions I paypal
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