I bought this in about 2007 at Loves Leather (see attached) who has since changed names, but for those in the know, it was (maybe still is) the place to go for custom high quality gear. Pictures don't do it justice. I used it on I think a dozen northwestern USA and southwestern Canada tours, often by itself, yet it's still almost perfect. Not a single tear or loose seam. It's made for a lifetime. It even has their optional internal booster pad (marked in pic) to pad your bike and body from pesky hard contents. It has backrest and strap connections.

Another nice thing is, even though it's 18" tall and 12" x 12" (expansion zips down to 8" x 12") the empty bag folds in half (picture) and sits with other gear in the gear closet. It takes up very little storage. But gives you lots of storage on the road.

Pictures follow.