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am i dumb or what I want a cool signature like sangathor or a few others # cant seem to figure out how they do it , and a few people have pics of their bike when they post a topic , I wan that too, I'm never satisfied!

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First check out the sig pic rules so you don't waste your time creating something that isn't allowed.

Ok, now that that's done, you need to either find or make a graphic you want to use in your signature. I used Photoshop to create mine, but you can use any graphics program. JPG and GIF files work the best (this is the file format or the last 3 letters after the dot in the the filename. ie, sangathor.jpg)

You will have to find some place to "host" your graphic once you have it completed. All that means is you need to put your pic somewhere out on the web. If you don't have a place for this you can always add it to your gallery pics like it was a pic of your bike. Then view your gallery and right click on the image you want copy the shortcut (address) to that graphic.

Then edit your profile and go to the signature section of your profile. In that signature box you need to type the code [*img][*/img] This is the code to display a pic or graphic. You MUST REMOVE THE * IN THE BRACKETS or this code will not work. I had to put them there or you wouldn't have been able to see the code. Hit preview to see if everything is right.

When you have it the way you want it don't forget to hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page or it won't update your changes to the forum.

This may sound complicated (I know it was long winded, sorry), but it's really easy.

Here's the short version.

[*] Read the sig pic rules [*]Create graphic or find a pic [*]Upload your graphic to a host [*]Enter it into your signature in your profile using IMG code [*]Hit submit and impress your friends[/list]
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