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This would otherwise be a useless post, postwhorring, or whatever else but I do have a point. A couple of months ago I decided to make a forum for my youth group and another one for my classes. CarKnee pointed me in the direction and off I went. The Forum for my youth group has done very little, in fact I moderate it about once a week because it is used so infrequently. The forum for my class has been up for just over a week and it takes about an hour of my time every day to moderate. Keep in mind that there are only 150 members, but I am moderating a bunch of high school boys on a forum that is based off a Catholic School's server so I have to be VERY careful about what is posted.
The reason for my posting is to really thank all the moderators and especially CarKnee for giving up so much of their time for such a wonderful site. I know that in the few months that I've been on here I've seen the membership nearly double and the community of members grow stronger and stronger as we've lost brothers, had fallen brothers, and many of us have brought little ones into the world.
After seeing what my class's forum has done just in a week: increased class discussions, increased community, increased interest in the class and the school- I have to say this is one of the greatest innovations for the internet.
Thanks to everyone, and especially to CarKnee for getting me going!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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