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Greetings to all Warrior owners around the word!

Just got my Warrior 2 weeks ago (August 2006) and i feel extremely happy with "her"!

Its a 2004 model - Titanium (2002 model in USA)
It was 13.000 Miles and came to my hand shining as new.

About me:

I am 33 years old and have motorcycles since i was 14.

Here is my Bike trajectory:

1986 - Yamaha DT 50 MX Black
1991 - Yamaha XV Virago 250 Black
1993 - Yamaha FZX 750 Black/Grey
1995 - Yamaha V-MAX 1200 (185hp!) Black
1997 - 2001 No bikes.... Grey period /emoticons/emotion-6.gif
2002 - Honda Hornet 900 Black (please forgive me, i wanted to try a naked/emoticons/emotion-5.gif
2006 - Yamaha XV 1700 Titanium Warrior! /emoticons/emotion-2.gif

Always did some mods on my bikes, and i bought the Warrior with the intention not to sell it in the future.
This means i will invest on "her" as a married couple for a life time.

My Warrior is one of the few in Portugal (i believe only 3 or 4 were sold here) since Yamaha imported in limited quantities to Europe (anyone knows how many Warriors to Europe?).
I also make part of a recent group called Star-Riders Portugal, and we have 2 warriors in the group! Maybe the only 2 in Portugal.

My bike is still as it comes from the factory (Stock) except for some little parts i took off immediately like the retro-glowing plastic parts!

Will ASAP paint it in midnight black colour and reduce the chromes since i like sparkling but no so much /emoticons/emotion-5.gif
Also a LED Stop light, some power tuning on the engine...and as i get money and ideas, i will make better and better.

Would love to have the new 2007 Midnight edition, but it will not come to Portugal, so ill make mine a special limited edition to one model!

The only thing i dislike on the Warrior is the driving position.. After doing like 30 Miles my back is killing me!
Any one knows if there is any kit to make the foot position come, lets say, 20 inches back?
I know i can also change to a T Bar and stuff like that, but don´t like the looks of it.
Like more the Naked bikes driving position like the V-MAX or FZ1 have.

..but even with pain in the ass, love my warrior! /emoticons/emotion-5.gif

So, nice to meet you guys!

Lets keep in touch.

Warmest regards from Porto in Portugal,

Antonio aka Porto_Warrior

[email protected]

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Welcome. Moving the controls back 20" sounds like you want mid-controls. The only controls moved back that far that I've seen is on matblack's bike. I plan on trying to install an additional set of pegs in a more centered position to give myself some different position options - but retain the forward controls. One of my next projects. You should browse through the galleries to see if there are mods you like...

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In a few miles the stock pegs will feel comfortable, the trick is to bring the bars closer to you, more pullback. You don't like the look of the T bar, but Yamaha makes a 6" riser and flat bar that increases pullback 1" that you may like. 1" may not sound like a lot, but it is. With stock I couldn't go on a fun 100 mile afternoon without my upper back killing me. With the 6" risers and flat bar (and a Corbin Hollywood Solo which may put you closer to the bars) I've ridden all day, nearly 4,000 miles last Summer in a 10 day dream trip, never any soreness in my back.

Congratulations on your purchase.

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Hi guys!!

Thanks for such nice words!![:I]

You all have now in credit 1x Bottle of the worldwide famous "Oporto Wine" (made in my home town) that i will deliver in hand, if you come here on day! [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif][/emoticons/emotion-4.gif]



PS: Just joined another Star "family" last weekend, check it out!! <opening video>
Im the 4th bike!!! Orange turn signal lights!! hehe [xx(][/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]
All the other are European sister Stars [^]
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