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G’day guys & ladies,

well it’s taken me 14 years but I’ve finally come back to the Warrior Family. My 1st Warrior was a silver 03 model and I loved it but sold it as we went travelling for 6 years and thought it best if it was sold for someone else to love.

My new Warrior is a 05’ model, 1st registered in January 06’. Its maroon in colour, V&H big shots and Yammy T Bars, and sissy bar for the rear seat to stop me sliding off 😂

I’ve got a dodgy spine, well actually there’s more than just that but I figure I’m in pain if I don’t ride I may as well get some pain from riding. I’ll be taking things very cautiously for a while until I get my confidence back. Picked the bike up today and ride home 100k in the rain so a good christening for me and it.

oh, my previous member name was Baldy, when I rejoined a while back lurking in the background I had to use a new name Baldy Oz. What is interesting is the Warrior I bought was once owned by another EX WA Warrior, Sparky.
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