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Just wanted to say hey to everyone and thank everyone for this awesome 4m. I have been trying to get all the info on my Bike up on the site and a few pics.

Installed mods / addons etc.

Cycle Image 240 Kit
Chrome rear pully
Chrome Fender Stays
31T Pulley
Custom Map for PC3
Rear Fender "Bobbed"
UFO light replacing the tail light
Raked Triple Trees
All New SS cables
Baron's Handle Bars (With etched flames)
Bobbed Front Fender
Lowering kit
Chrome Rear Hub
AIS block off
Currently Running Headers with Cut off
Power Commander 3
Church's V-BAK kit
LED Light Kit (Tons all over the bike)
Side Mount LP bracket
Orient Express Carbon Fiber Air Intake

Still working on the list I have some more to add. I have one pic up now of the bike will be adding more soon.

I am going ot have to hurry up and get some mods ready for the winter /emoticons/emotion-2.gif.

I live in southern Indiana and work in Louisville, KY. I look forward to getting to know you all, and meet up to ride.

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I cant take all the credit for all the add ons and hard work I have to thank BluBruce for that. I have to give him credit where credit is due.

I am currently looking for mod-o-holics anonymous I can already tell this is going ot be one **** of a ride. (Modding / riding /modding more / riding )

Trying to get my maps under control a little bit. The map that was on it was a custom map with a pipe that has been replaced with the cut off. Trying to decide on the ever popular discussion which pipe(s) to go with. Currently Indiana has no noise restrictions on Bikes (Cheer) looking at the sampson short slashers.

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If I ever run into him or in the area, there will be lots of beer to be drank that is for sure.

I bought it off ebay of all things and it had changed hands a few times. I absolutly fell in love with the bike as soon as I saw it on Ebay. I contacted the seller ironicly he lived only about 7 miles from where I work. I had already started figuring out in my mind how I was going to trailer this bike from where ever it was to get it home.

Everyone that had this bike kept incredible documentation of changes they made to it. (Thankfully) As it changed hands a few times some things got changed out replaced etc. But all the info stayed with it. And all the previous owners took very good care of this Bike, adding their own touches to it.

Already this site has been so helpful with some adjustments that I have had to make and the information here is priceless. Thanks Reza @ CI, Bruce and Richard for the help and info you have given me so far.

I cant wait to dive into this beast and contribute as much as I can.

*cheers everyone*

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Yep this is BluBruce's old bike. I was very lucky, it had alot of the mods I wanted to do when I was looking at buying a new warrior. Actually being so close to Louisville I have to say Cats for Basketball and Notre Dame for Football. (sometimes I think it is more out of spite /emoticons/emotion-1.gif I will be there for Bo Bash. It sounds like a ton of fun. I have put close to 1500 miles riding in on this bike since I got it and have yet to see another warrior out and about.
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