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I've been monitoring this site for a couple yrs now and have an 02 Warrior. Never been much for clubs crowds or groups but have realized something after having learned from this site that it's time to give back. I've learned a great respect for the intelligence and experience levels that have given so freely their time and devotions to this site. I guess I have a twinge of guilt for taking advantage of it. I was wrong and wish to apologize for it.
Thanks to Woody and his VBAK!! Mike, your coil plate worked flawlessly, and all the fellows that donated pictures for the instructionals with rear shocks, how to's for a meriad of processes that I wouldn't have had the courage to pursue on my own......but did with your help. THANKS! I will be proud in becoming a better participant from here on out.
Thanks again Ed [^]
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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