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Before I picked up my warrior, the only thing i'd ever owned was an old Kawasaki Eliminator. I bought that for 200$ and rode it until I could no longer fix it being 16 years old and with limited knowledge and resources.

I'd already been in Afghanistan for 6 months when I got my R&R in August last year and was set on getting something to ride. So I started looking around. When I started, I was sure I didn't want something new. Maybe a Honda Shadow, or an old Vulcan. But an old friend of mine heard I was in town and looking for a bike, so he told me to come down to his shop.

We talked a lot about what I wanted in a bike, and what my budget was... And after about 3 days of pittering around the subject he had me sold on another V-star. The next day when I go in to sign the papers, the Warrior, that hadn't been there before, was out on display. I couldn't resist walking towards it. I asked him where it came from. He told me it had been sitting in the back because someone had bought it and the deal fell through. 10 minutes later I was test driving the thing, and that was it... I was hooked.

I doubt i'll ever get rid of this bike... it's amazing in every way. Although I have been going through "Warrior withdrawals" because I got to put 800 miles on it in a week and then had to come back to Afghanistan. Right now the bike is sitting at my grandfather's house away from my younger sisters. I can't wait to get home.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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