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Hi Fella's;

Just a few lines to convey my thoughts to those who can relate. Our RSW brothers and sisters who live in the Deep
South, South West and SoCal and any other location that does not require our ride to be put to rest for what seems
like forever, due to the winter months are truly blessed, but for one thing.... They will never know the heart filling joy
of pulling out the Warrior from hibernation for the first fire up of the riding season.

After a very long winter, yesterday was that day for me. My ride came out of the darkness of my storage where she
has been sleeping since late October of last year. The winters maintenance and upgrades complete she felt the sun
shine for the first time this season. And although this riding season finds our country dealing with a foul plague griping
our lands and people at the moment, I have a firm belief that we will be back and better than before. Those that have
been lost will not be forgotten. Those who stepped up to answer the call and fight this evil have given the rest of us
hope and a new sense of how fragile and precious life is.

It is the simple things in life that touch us most deep when you least expect it. The touch of the electric starter button,
the Big V-twin firing up and pulsating to life and the steady thump of those pistons as the engine warms to operating
temp. These are some of the simple things that this simple man is most great-full for after a long winter.

The first pull of the clutch and of the ride pulling you forward, as the riding season begins. As the wind hits your
face for the first time and that most awesome V-twin thunder is made for your ears to hear life is good.
As I write this, Life is indeed good. My family has their health and well being. We have not been visited by this feign
that attacks the weak, the elderly and the unaware. Nor have we had it effect any one that we know. But there are
those on this forum that maybe have had this happen to them or their loved ones.

I feel almost selfish for writing this down about how the first ride of the season uplifts my heart and soul while maybe
a brother or sister is dealing with a life situation that is all but simple. So what I am trying to say to all is take the time
and be grateful for every minute of every day we are given. Those who are first responders to this pandemic and those
who support these folks please accept my sincere "God Bless You and Protect You" as well as "Thank You" for all that
you have done and continue to do. Please know that I am grateful to be able to experience the wind in my face for the
2020 riding season. To all Ride Safe and Be Safe!


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Man that was so well written it made me emotional. There are times when we can’t put our feelings down in a couple of words. We are lucky where I live because riding season is all year round. However that feeling when you turn the key and the fuel pump kicks in, then depressing the button doesn’t get old with me. As you all know my girl has been sick and now she is better and raring to go. I got the new throttle cables today so they will go on in the next day or so. I also had a stroke of luck at the Yamaha dealership. I mentioned that I’d been looking for a better seat. One of the salesman suggested I have a look in the dungeon in the service area. I found a really nice Mustang single seat. I just have to wait until the Service manager gets back before I know what it will cost me. I’m pretty certain that I can mod it up to fit my bike. I’m riding back and the sun was shining and I was thinking “how good is it. I’ve have weeks of despair because the bike was playing up and monumentally pissed about the bike crashing. Now someone is looking after me” I know the World is in a shitty place, but each minute we are healthy enough to ride should be appreciated.
I did not plan on writing this much lolol😎😎😎😎😇
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