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Is this possible? Yay or Nay? Speedstar, powercommander, sprockets, cams, vbak, big shots, 110ci conversion, 25 shot, head work, precision balanced rotating assembly.
Runs 10.3 @135mph


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So, in this Facebook post the 7,000+ Rpm's is claimed.
Not everyone here has or goes on Facebook and visa versa but here it is -

##Yamaha Roadstar Warrior

September 16, 2014 ·

84hp 100ftlbs 4th gear 30000 miles no baffles pc3 big air kit 33t front pulley



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Here is a second claim. Who knows. Maybe huh... lol

## ‎Yamaha Roadstar Warrior

January 20 at 8:25am ·

Thanks for the add! HURD check'n in. Sorry for pirating KB...

  • ## You're a bad-ass, Hurd! Great looking ride too!
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  • ## Hurd. You riding on the back now Matty?
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  • ##

    January 20 at 10:30am · Like · 4

  • ## I drag boots shoes pegs and license plate frames on my warrior all the time.. Never leaned in to touch the pavement with my hand though!
    January 20 at 10:46am · Like

  • ## Well then you should go chase Hurd thru the mountains.....
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  • ## Im good, my tires have seen better days.. Not to mention im set up for 180+ not so much for the twisties any more
    January 20 at 10:49am · Like

  • ## What's 180+?
    January 20 at 10:52am · Like

  • ## Miles per hour.
    January 20 at 10:52am · Like · 2

  • ## 20 mph curves at 70 mph is all it takes.......
    January 20 at 10:53am · Like · 1

  • ## K
    January 20 at 10:54am · Like
  • ## 180 on warrior? gotta know... what "set up" ya got?
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  • ##

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  • ## Don't do it Sara. Don't hurt em.

    He will learn one day. His reckless ticket will be for only for 111 instead of 180 and the cop will teach him how to read his speedometer. You know he is going to thank the cop for dropping his speed 70 mph.
    January 20 at 2:33pm · Like

  • ## Paired with a baker six speed.. I can read my GPS just fine..

    January 20 at 2:36pm · Like

  • ## Not everyone's warrior is stock.
    January 20 at 2:37pm · Like

  • ## 112 big bore kit can go a long way when you know what you're doin and you have friends at baker
    January 20 at 2:38pm · Like

  • ## OK, I have NEVER seen a changed transmission. Please make a new post on your transmission specs with pics, because I think your full of it. I would like to know just what "it" is.
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  • ## Yup I'll get right on that just for you wink emoticon
    January 20 at 2:47pm · Like

  • ##

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  • ## Maybe if you were nicer.. had 4k to spend. Maybe I'd talk to my friend at baker and see if he'd consider making another tranny for a warrior..
    January 20 at 2:50pm · Like
  • ## Yes, I think you are full of it. I'm not interested in going 180 period. So don't call your imaginary friend for me.

    You are not the first to make such a claim and surely won't be last. Have fun with your fictional huffy.
    January 20 at 2:55pm · Like

  • ## Lol! You got it
    January 20 at 2:57pm · Like

  • ## Im just trying to figure out how you got 7k plus rpm....
    January 20 at 7:09pm · Like
  • ## Lots of head work
    January 20 at 7:33pm · Like

  • ## Head work doesn't raise the rpm limit.... explain please...
    January 20 at 7:40pm · Like

  • ## 180 !! LIES !!
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  • ## oh head work doesn't raise the rpm limit.. Hmmm maybe a speedstar would do that.. maybe a custom programmed ECU would do that.. Maybe a friend owning a shop with a dyno could take care of all of this! lol I dont know why im still bothering with you people.. People build race bikes all the time why is so hard to believe ive done that? Grow up, the lot of you
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  • ##

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  • ## Head work may not "Raise" the electronic limiter but it will allow you rev higher safely..
    January 20 at 8:03pm · Like

  • ## Jealousy is an ugly color...
    January 20 at 8:04pm · Like
  • ## It is ugly, got to have a lil fun never hurts. Anything is possible with money and a machine shop and a Dyno
    But adding 3000 rpm's to a stock engine from headwork and ECM adjustment is pretty amazing to me but I'm a dumb redneck Learn something new everyday I suppose......
    January 20 at 8:08pm · Like · 1

  • ## Stock engine? You're insane... Whoever assumed I had a stock 112ci engine IS a Dumb Redneck...
    January 20 at 8:10pm · Like

  • ## ther is nothing stock about the engine in my bike.. Not a thing at all..
    January 20 at 8:11pm · Like

  • ## The only thing thats still stock on my bike is the cobalt blue paint.
    January 20 at 8:11pm · Like

  • ## Done...
    January 20 at 8:12pm · Like

  • ## Because your specs are beyond the ones who professionally built and raced Warriors since 2002. The ones who had access to all Warrior knowledge. And these one off prototypes would cost 15k minimum in development. And you talking to the guys who've designed and implement most of the aftermarket toys ( including turbos, cams, cpss', chains, air kits, bars, lighting, clutches, gearing and so on. And you did all this in LouieWorld. I'm betting your Warrior doesn't use gas but some other source. And yeah, there was a nut who claimed he got like a 1,000 miles per tank of air or something. And I think if you include neutral, you have a six speed transmission.

    Anyway your Warrior and a new 2008 stock Warrior WITH 0 miles are not worth more than $7k USD. And I would give a few extra bucks for a full warranty.

    But you could have my midnight for $6,500 with all the extra accessories I have.

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  • ## I dont have a new 08 stock warrior.. thats not my post you shmuckk.. I have an 06, I SAID that 08 for 12k isnt worth the money you jack ass
    January 20 at 8:26pm · Like

  • ## But now i get why your soo butthurt.. You have a midnight.. LOL Dont you midnight guys believe your warriors are faster then the other ones? LOL I've read about you "midnight owners" on

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    January 20 at 8:28pm · Like

  • ## Those reflectors aftermark? Just sayin...
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  • ##

    January 21 at 3:21am · Like

  • ## Salt Flat Double Engine Turbo Warrior = 187mph = Record = You are full of **** ## .

    January 21 at 6:34am · Like · 2

  • ## One more .... maybe you should make plans for the Flats this year.

    January 21 at 6:35am · Like

  • ## These posts have been quite enjoyable!
    January 21 at 6:42am · Like · 2

  • ## So just looking at some previous posts and Louie claims he has a 112CI big bore in this post but a post from Sept. 16, 2014 he claims he has a did he just get bored and decide "what the ****, lets go for 2 more CI's" or can he not keep up with what he has told ppl in other posts? Just saying.
    January 21 at 8:49am · Like

  • ## , are you dyslexic or just mistyped the stock engine size and all your other mods? BTW, this is what you have to do to a Warrior to get it to 170+ MPH. It is a little more than some head work and a ECU upgrade. Just a little more.

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  • ## Here is that Warrior at 150+ MPH

    January 21 at 10:25am · Like · 1

  • ## This would be a fun discution for the crowd.

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That is close to the same hp/tq & rpm as the warriors Patrick Racing built when they use to drag race. 1/4 mile time is close also
Patrick bikes had a billet bottom end, ran on carbs = no injection + used Harley ignition = no ECU to limit rpm.

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This was one of the funnier posts I've seen on the facebook page. just happened to be on my intro post.... such a moron.

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I think I figured it out! Louie is CK Midget! He was on here a while back talking about his Warrior having 13,000 hp or something and basically the same thing happened. Everyone told him he was full of shitt. Wish I could find some of his old posts, they were hilarious!

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he gave every reason why his warrior could rev to 7.5k any time any place...forgetting the crankshaft weighs a whopping 45lbs alone!!...he'd have had to have that fully balanced ans some as well and still it wouldn't have made 6k without breaking up...he was even shown 8packs superb engineering !!

i've had crankshafts balanced on original racing mini's by my ex father in-laws engineering outfit ...moved it up 2k and cost a fortune if any one had paid for it!!

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Louie, the 180+ mph warrior said he had a 6 speed SS transmission. He knew people.
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