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I certainly hope this doesn't push any buttons, because I think if the following idea was implemented here it would be totally cool:

If you were interested in building an HD twin cam, you'd go to to see what mods people are doing to their engines and the resultant dynometer results. When I moved to big twins, back in 1996, my first engine build was a fairly expensive experience because it was difficult to get good information and I didn't do it very efficiently the first time around ~ talk about feeling bent over by a motorcycle dealer!

Since then I've gotten pretty good with HDs but I've learned that each brand of machine, and what makes it run best, is unique. I'm seriously looking at getting a Warrior but won't until I have a clear understanding of what is involved, including costs, of shaping it to my specific riding needs and a Horsepower Gallery, to go along with the current picture gallery, would be way helpful.

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I'll put it on the list of things to look into if there is enough positive response on it.
You need to talk to Orient Express and or Patrick Racing. They can tell you what the Warrior is capable of and how to do it.
Really, the horsepower gallary would be cool, but you have to keep in mind that this bike has only been around for 2 years. The motor is very new. Although, there are a few vendors out there now there will be more, especially with the attention that it is getting now. Back to the gallery, owners of this bike have made mods to their bikes, and the HP and Torque of these bikes are equal to and more than Harleys of equal displacement and that is a fact, prooven fact, at about a 1/3 the cost. Harley's and their motors, or other brands(S&S, etc.) have been around for well, 100 years and have not changed much at all! This motor has been around for maybe 2 years, and look at the availabilty of the parts and performance parts at that! Look at what Orient Express, and Patric Racing(which does performance race parts and motors for Harleys) have done with this bike already!!

The fact that you are still dragging your feet on buying what is prolly the best bike you will have owned, just tells me that maybe you just should not get it and get another HD. I have absolutly nothing against Harley at ALL! I love them, but this bike is just so differrent and so much more for less. YOu are paying for a Harley, YOur stealing a Warrior!!! simple as that!!

You wanted a dyno chart
Orient express, stock and after! And HEY, there you go, you can call them tooo!!

If I at all sounded harsh in this reply, I am sorry, and I am not trying to be. JUST GO GET THE **** BIKE!!!!!LOL
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Hey redbull ~ you don't sound harsh, just clear in how you see things. I'm not in the market for another HD, it has really boiled down to either a big bore kit with head work, for about $2,500, or a RSWarrior (with what appears to require at least $3,000 of aftermarket mods and accessories). I like big twins, I like reliability, I like to ride hard thru the mountains and I like to go on long trips; currently I have three out of four but I usually take my wife's sportster out when I want to hit the mountain curves. The problem with making an informed decision about the Warrior is understanding if I can set it up for the long haul ~ it is clearly a kick ass machine for around town and short trips out of town.
I guess it depends on what you like for a long haul. I plan on doing a 1200 mile one way trip soon. We'll see how it does!?! I am sure it will be dependable, but the comfort, I don't know. I guess that depends on your own A$$!! LOL!! I would get one of those big ol seats, but I cant stand the way they look. I think a custom seat is in order. Putting bags on, well, I think that i would have to go with soft, only because I want to be able to take them on and off easily, without brackets and clutter. It definatly likes the curves.

What size is you twin and what are you dynoing at?
Andy this bike is very similar to a TC 88 in the engine compartment. With the exception that this engine makes more power out of the box than the HD with 10grand worth of mods. Outside the engine compartment it is totaly superior handling wise.
That said, I do really like your idea of a power forum. my experience with engines is it isn't allways obvious where you're going to get the best results for your money and I think over time we're going to start finding some real bang for your buck performance tweeks. Anyone who thinks it's simple getting more power out of an engine should study the world of super stock drag racing. These guys have to meet very strick guidlines with their engines (stock configurations) and they make phenominal power with them just by making everything perfect. I know a guy who's running in the tens with an Old Calais with a 350 in it. This things running family car heads (very finely tuned mind you) that have to meet stock displacement (no porting, but you can staighten the runners) and a 4bbl Rochester. Anyway I'm runnig off again. Like the idea, now all you guy's go out there and get this striaghtened out so I don't have to learn from my mistakes. I've made enough of them already, it's got to be sombody esle's turn.
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I don't see a Warrior needing "at least $3000" worth of mods. The only thing a Warrior needs is a new pipe to get rid of the scud launcher on the side. Other than that, it doesn't NEED anything else. If you want lots more power, take that $3000 and put it down on a Hayabusa.

redbull ~ I have a 2000 TC88; dynoing in at about 80hp/ftlbs. It is a good running cruiser but sucks in maneuverability; I'm very happy with reliability ~ and the total cost, out the door in California, was $15k and it is probably worth $14k 3 years later with 45k miles on it; yes I ride a lot, I live in California. I also do several 1,000 mile, one way, trips throughout the summer and then a long trip, 4,000 miles. I like to stretch out, crack open the throttle and stop only for gas every 90 minutes, or 140 miles, whichever comes first.

TaiwanJohn ~ upgraded exhaust, complete airsystem/cleaner upgrade, ignition, seat, sissybar, passenger pegs, extended forward controls and a good windscreen; add them up and I'm betting we're getting close to $3k. Part of my current education is to find out exactly what people are doing and why; HD owners typically upgrade the CAMs which cost about $500, so maybe it would be more accurate to budget $2.5k.

to all ~ AND, I'm awfully sick of HD, Inc's., non customer oriented attitude; which is a great reason to want to look for a new bike ~ although my experience with the Yamaha dealer, (in Chico, CA), when I bought my Waverunner left much to be desired in the support arena; I will not buy another vehicle from there. I guess that is my last right as a consumer.
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As I said, the Warrior doesn't need anything. Extended controls and seats aren't necessary. I am 6'2" and I thought the stock riding position was fine. I only bought a Dual Tour to haul around my daughter. You can adjust the ECU for free, and shave the seat for free. So all you need are a few bucks for the pipe of your choice. Actually, I have heard of people that actually like the scud launcher!?! Stock, the Warrior is 76hp and 96 ftlbs. That is enough low down grunt to decimate almost anything in a roll on. And, you can get that all for about $10k. You can easily drop $15k on mods. Just look at what Bismark has done to his bike. It is all in what meets your needs, and desires.

TaiwanJohn ~ I'm 6'4, mostly legs, and gotta have extended controls; this I know. I've got them on my Dyna and couldn't do consecutive 600 mile days without them! I'm thinking I can live with the seat but everybody I've spoken to told me that it is absolutely the most uncomfortable seat ever; the Yamaha dealer in Oahu went on and on about it. AND I've got to carry some gear on my 10 day trips ~ the bartenders start throwing me out when I get too ripe.

I'm not satisfied with my current 80hp so probably wouldn't be happy with 76hp, even with the extra torque; I'm pretty sure that around 95 ponies will give me the overall capabilities, and top end, that I'm looking for. BUT ~ I am hearing you AND I am, clearly, impressed with this machine. (OH, and I'm going to need a rack for the 1 gal gas can that I'll need to bring along as my reserve).

Thanks for your great feedback.

I just finished up a 3400 mile trip with my warrior with no major discomfort except a necklash pain form heavy throttle response, and a ringing in the earss. and yeah i've put about 3k into it. with all the mods and accessories. forward controls, c6 bars, brakaway cruise, BAK, pcIII, reinharts, ss cabless, farings, mustang seat, luggage rack. basicaly set up for the long haul. works good for me, and was realy nice to be able to strech out on the legends. also orderd the OE RAK scoop. Just when i think i'm through something else comes up. On the open road i got about 45mpg at 80mph. was happy with that.
Andy, you need to ride one of these babies. This bike is so not about hp. The warrior is a stump pulling torque monster. Even in stock form, you will have a hard time keeping your hands on the bars and your a$$ in the seat. When do you really get to use 100+ hp, anyway? But 100+ lbs of torque is used everytime you leave a light or when somebody cuts you off.

The only downside to this bike is if you like to twist the trottle, it will eat rear tires for breakfast. I'm on my third with only 5000 miles in it in a year. Click on that link to wet your warrior whistle.
45mpg at 80mph with upgraded air, exhaust and ignition? Sounds very decent!

Nicely controlled burnout! BUT ~ as far as not about hp, that is what HD has tried to sell forever; with bikes, even big twins, hp is important. If you have enough torque you don't need 100 ponies but even with a lot of torque 90+ hp is a nice feeling ~ especially when you're up over 120 mph; I've been passed by many a CBR out in the desert, on my way to Las Vegas, while I was pegged at 125mph.
The Warrior pegs out at about 125. But, that is not for lack of power. Mine was still making 85 ftlbs when the rev limiter kicked in. The only thing limiting the top end on the Warrior is the lack of gearing or the rev limiter. I think the bike could easily pull 140-150mph if it had more gear and 500 more rpm. Also, the Warrior will hit the revlimiter uphill, downhill, with the wind, or against the wind, all without a fairing. Been there, done that. Not many bikes can make that claim.

Dice, How are you getting 45mpg? I would like to know what map you are running. I know my bike is dynoed for max power, but I don't get close to 45 mpg. Especially at speed. I've brought mine down to 20mpg with some good flogging.

i was running the barrons map when i got that milage, funny thing was i got better milage at 80 than 60 or 70. now runnig wilskei's custom map, getting better power and response at the top end, but can't say on the milage by looking at the numbers on the map, i should get similar results. bike just seemed to get best results at 30000 rpm. I must say i was surprised cause the best i've gotten going back and forth to work is about 35mpg, but then there are alot of fast take offs. the 45mpg results was on major road trip traveled a total of 3400 miles.
sounds very reasonable; on my TC88, if I stay between 75 and 80mph, I usually run around 40mpg but I have a CAM which kicks in at about 80mph and costs about 5mpg. At 90+mph I very consistently run at around 25mpg. I've always suspected that I could get 45mpg if I kept it between 70 and 75 but I never have, probably never will, so will never know -/emoticons/emotion-1.gif
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This is actually one of the most interesting threads I have read.

I have never had a bad experience in any of the Harley shops I have gone into - my only bad shop experience was a split Harley/Indian dealership, and couldn't pay a guy to talk to me. They knew I came in on the Warrior...some of them even went out and oggled at it for awhile.

Andy, I agree that a little more hp is important, and your mod list is a pretty thorough one for gaining in that category. BAK, pipes, and a PCIII won't break your bank and will give you a noticable difference...probably all that you need. 85hp on this bike feels like 95-100 on any other. Don't know why - just does. The more "techie" guys can probably answer that - probably has to do with the dramatic increase in torque you feel, and possibly that this bike is 50-75lbs lighter than other bikes in the same hp category.

As for comfort - I had the same problem you did - but it's easily solved. Mustang or Corbin seat is the best option (IMHO)...and if you look at my gallery shots, I have an easy passenger peg mod. with Kuryakyn Offsets and wider pegs. Wife loves them. And the Legend Controls - definitely a must. I am only 5'11" and wouldn't leave home without em.
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Andy, yes the bike responds to a little less HP in a much bigger way due to the fact that it ---->is<---- about 100 or better pounds lighter than say the Honda 1800 VTX, I'm sure the HD's are heavier yet. Another place the Warrior has more giddyup is in the belt drive, try and beat that for direct torque transfer! If you've never riden a Warrior, you would never believe the awsome get up and go it has. I just got mine back from the breakin service, tested it out for top end and was up to 120mph in nothing flat. I could have used another 1/2 mile and I'm sure I would have been over 130mph. That's just with Cobra Drags, and I adjusted the ECU up 4 points to richen it up a little. BTW I'm 6'4" and the handlebars are fine for me. [/emoticons/emotion-5.gif] I did get the Yamaha Touring seat though, I drove the bike home 30 miles from the dealership and my A$$ was achin big time!!
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quote:.....I drove the bike home 30 miles from the dealership and my A$$ was achin big time!!...

Was that from the stock seat, or did your dealer have his way with you. [/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]
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