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Andy this bike is very similar to a TC 88 in the engine compartment. With the exception that this engine makes more power out of the box than the HD with 10grand worth of mods. Outside the engine compartment it is totaly superior handling wise.
That said, I do really like your idea of a power forum. my experience with engines is it isn't allways obvious where you're going to get the best results for your money and I think over time we're going to start finding some real bang for your buck performance tweeks. Anyone who thinks it's simple getting more power out of an engine should study the world of super stock drag racing. These guys have to meet very strick guidlines with their engines (stock configurations) and they make phenominal power with them just by making everything perfect. I know a guy who's running in the tens with an Old Calais with a 350 in it. This things running family car heads (very finely tuned mind you) that have to meet stock displacement (no porting, but you can staighten the runners) and a 4bbl Rochester. Anyway I'm runnig off again. Like the idea, now all you guy's go out there and get this striaghtened out so I don't have to learn from my mistakes. I've made enough of them already, it's got to be sombody esle's turn.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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