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How Many Warriors Have Sprung a Fuel Leak?

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Updated April 4th 2014:

It seems another large number of fuel leaks have occurred since the last update in September 2012. I expect we should be wondering why Yamaha has not done a recall to cover the 2002 left side dry-break, and also the fuel tank outlet Filter Assembly for the slipping-nipple that could spell disaster for any of us. I'm not wanting to be a 'mixer' I only want to document what's happening so we can continue to point Yamaha and it's dealers here when appropriate and when beneficial to safety.

Many members continue to point members here to this thread when we see they've posted about a fuel leak hoping that eventually there will be adequate data for Yamaha to perk-up and pay attention. We might be getting there. So if you have NOT yet reported a fuel leak on your Warrior here in this thread, please chime-in with the details and particulars, and especially please include your bike's model year. Its important we avoid duplicate reports so please check all the posts to be sure you have not reported prior. Then see Post#2 (below) for the places Warrior owners have reported fuel leaks.

This update includes Item# and Part# so we can visualize and locate the subject part much easier using either the Parts Manuals or using the Star Motorcycles disassembled views available on Yamaha/Star MC's website and also on many Yamaha/Star Dealer websites. All these parts are in the 'Fuel Tank' disassembled view.

More Place to Communicate:

[added} Plus this:

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Attachment added 23July2016 because some images have disappeared over the years. Image by member 3youngns.


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Updated June 24th 2016:

See Attached PDF
Cracked left-side dry break 'Fuel Pipe Joint Comp 1' - Total Reports: 50
2002 Warrior part# 5PX-24304-00-00 (Item #28 on 2002 parts view): 50
2003 Warrior part# 5PX-24304-01-00 (Item #29 on 2003 parts view): 0
2005+ Warrior part# 5PX-24304-01-00 (Item #30 on 2005+ parts views): 0
(2002 failures are at inner-facing molded seam, must uninstall to see)

2002 Warrior (no separate part#) Broken left-side dry break o-ring: 1

Leak at main fuel tank Fuel Filter Assembly O-Ring - Total Reports: 14
2002 Warrior part# 4X8-24512-00 (Item #9 on 2002 parts view): 13
2003 Warrior part# 4X8-24512-00 (Item #9 on 2003 parts view): 0
2005+ Warrior part# 4X8-24512-00 (Item #10 on 2005 parts view): 1

Leak at main fuel tank Fuel Filter Assembly Nipple (nipple loose) - Total Reports: 7
2002 Warrior part# 5PX-24560-00 (Item #8 on 2002 parts view): 5
2003 Warrior part# 5PX-24560-00 (Item #8 on 2003 parts view): 0
2005+ Warrior part# 5PX-24560-00 (Item #9 on 2005 parts view): 2

Leak at Spot Welds under main fuel tank at Tank Fitting Bracket mount plate - Total Reports: 11
For 2002, the Tank Fitting Bracket 5PX-2413Y-00 (Item #13) bolts to the spot-welded mount plate.
For 2003+, the Tank Fitting Bracket 5PX-2413Y-01 (Item #13) bolts to the spot-welded mount plate.
Note: the Tank Fitting Bracket fastens the fuel tank to the frame under the rider seat.

Leak in Main Fuel Tank elsewhere: 1


Additionally, a forum search yields fuel leaks due to cracked fuel pump 'nipples' over the years, regardless of model year.
Its a great idea to keep the area around the fuel pump nipples clear, same as stock, to avoid this trouble.
Note the 'links' at the bottom of the Original Post (above).

Leak in under-seat dry break (maintenance/operator error): 7
Leak in under-seat auxiliary fuel tank itself: 0
Leak in a fuel hose 'clamp' (maintenance issue): 1
Leak in a fuel hose (cracked - maintenance issue): 1
Leak at Fuel Pressure Regulator (fix=relocated hose): 1


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2003 Warrior.

Rear tank bracket fractured on the spot welds, had it welded, all ok.

About a year later, suffered a stress fracture in the skin of the tank on the underside (right side, from above the tank). Welded that it, but it fractured further along a few months later. Bit the bullet and bought a new tank.

All info on problems in my posts.

02 model.Around the plate on the bottom of the tank and the rear dry break
02 model, left side dry break cracked at the seam.
hey prof...could guys post if any break seals looked like they failed....gav did a lot of homework on the differing seal rings spec....would be good to add to that work

bump ....happy to report none '03 fuel kit is bog standard still none replaced [touches wood quick]:D
Mine did. Fuel filter where gas line connects at the tank on the left side under the air scoop.
02, bottom plate near seat. About where it would leak where they did the recall and replaced the pad. Took it to yamaha couple years ago. They said the recall was done on my bike and they were not responsible. They said probably corrosion, I say bs. corrosion maybe, but caused by vibration of the undersized pad.

My response was that the damage was already done, it just took a few years to fail. They still said no. Ended up buying used black cherry tins here an changed from imperial red. like the new color but still feel jilted. Still have the original leaking tank.
I gave a drybreak to a member named KJL who has an 02. his drybreak cracked at the seam, It was the one on the left side.
'07, aux tank under seat. Exposed rim at top was rusted, corroded & had trashed o rings. Cleaned up with scotch bright pad on a 90 degree hand held grinder, new o rings along with some fuel resistant sealer to keep any water out. Fine now.
02 dry break left side crack in the seam. Rigged with a soft piece of rubber gasket material and 2 cable ties some rtv until I can buy one
Mine is '02, under seat dry break started leaking.. been smelling gas lately. Not sure if it is cracked or a seal is bad.. it's been a beeatch to connect lately.
Mine was operator error. One of my fuel lines behind the left side cover didn't get tightened on enough, and would spray.
I feel pretty lucky after seeing recent posts that I didn't catch fire, because I didn't notice mine right away. It wasn't until I was done riding and saw fuel dripping down the side of the bike. God must have been watching over me there.
02 dry break left side cracked at seam, replaced and no problems with that. Currently working on mounting plate leak under tank and having fun with it. NOT!!!!!!
The rear drybreak leaks sometimes on mine if it's not perfectly seated.
02 w/12k miles leaks at the underside rear bracket and at the seams around the edge in multiple locations both front and rear. Fixed it with KREEM tank liner - no welding.
It seems mine has developed a leak around the fuel filter. Its a slow leak, maybe a drip per minute. I noticed the puddle in the garage this morning after having the tank off yesterday. I took the tank off and took the filter off and then put it back on tight. It didn't look bad, but I think that's where its leaking from. Just enough to ruin todays ride while I figure out what I'm going to do about it...
Funny to have this come up, my dry break under the seat started to leak today. '02
Fixed the leaking under seat dry break. O-Ring 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/32
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