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Whoever runs a PC5 on your bike, can you please take a few pictures showing what wire[color] goes where to what pin in each connector.

I got this PC5 unit without attached connectors. Now I am trying to figure out where and how to connect these 7 wires, want to know which one goes where.

There are 7 wires total of the following colors:
1. Black and White (BW)
2. Red (R)
3. Yellow (Y)
4. Orange (O)
5. Gray (G)
6. White and Orange (WO)
7. White and Yellow (WY)


There are 2 pairs of connectors:
1. 3 pin connector for Throttle Position Sensor (male + female)
2. 4 pin connector for fuel injectors (male + female)

My understanding is that these 7 wires should go to a total of 14 pins. The question is how.

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Well, yeah I did. The reply however doesn't give me enough clue. They said that

• Orange wire is for - Cylinder 1
• Yellow- Cylinder 2
• Grey- TPS signal
• Red- power (cylinder 1)
• Black- Ground
• Black/White- Dig Ground

I got also a few pictures that another member has shared and I found on internet. But its hard to see what color goes where.

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I think for all model years the yellow is the TPS signal between ECU19 and the TPS itself. The blue is the 5v power from ECU10 to the TPS itself (and other sensors). The black/blue is the ground from the TPS itself (and other sensors) to ECU34. I believe only the yellow is used for Power Commanders, although some models use plugs those plugs still tap only the yellow.

I expect the Yellow to be TPS (for power commander grey) BUT I do not know which position in the Power Commander plug the TPS yellow should be located in.

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The Power Commander V connects to the TPS & Fuel Injector harnesses using In-Line Male/Female OEM style connectors and also a single Ring connector to the chassis ground.
If you review the enclosed submittal, by this writer, you'll see that there are 6 unique wires identified + chassis ground that's not shown for a total of 7-wires. The White wire (+12 vdc) is common to both Injectors. I suggest you review the Warrior wiring diagram within my signature if there is confusion regarding these wires.
I would recommend you contact Dynojet for their Schematic of the Road* Warrior PCV!
You're also going to need a proper crimping tool for these open barrel terminals, and lots of patience, for these water tight connectors if you want to simulate the Factory Build by Yamaha & Dynojet.

3- Pin TPS & 4-Pin Fuel Injector Harnesses Disconnected from Device and Sub-Wire Injector Harness

4-Pin Fuel Injector Harness (Foreground) Disconnected from Sub-Wire Harness (Background)
Top: Left to Right
Gray = ECU Pin 5 Output (-) Cyl 1
Green = ECU Pin 6 Output (-) Cyl 2
Bottom: Left to Right
White = +12 vdc Power
White = +12 vdc Power

3- Pin TPS Harness Shown Disconnected from Device
From Left to Right
Black = Isolated 5 vdc Ground
Yellow = TPS Output
Blue = +5 vdc Power

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Thank all!

I am getting closer. I will draw a diagram soon and will attach it showing how this all is connected based on my understanding.
Here is what I got so far - the picture showing PC5 connectors with wires:
From what I see
  • Fuel Injector [female] has White and Yellow, White and Orange, Red and Brown.
  • Fuel Injector [male] has Red, Red, Yellow, Brown. I need to make sure I connect them in the right order.
  • TPS [female] - Black and White X 2, Gray X 2, Brown
  • TPS [male] - Black and White, Gray, Brown
Appears that some are just cross wires go from one pin/connector to another.

Connectors are also ready. Got them from KSV Looms. Found this small company that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for connectors. Great customer support and superb service: Teddy helped me out finding the right parts.

I emailed and later called Dynojet and asked if they can hook up the connectors for me if I send the unit. They answered they don't repair units in house and offered to get a new one in exchange. They didn't want to share the wiring diagram.
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