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Library\Documentation Forum Link: Documentation - Road Star Warrior Forum : Yamaha Star Warrior Forums

How to Suggest Materials for the Documentation Forum:

Please send a PM or use this thread to:

1. Suggest existing materials in Posts or Threads.
2. Suggest materials currently attached in the forums.
3. Suggest additions, corrections, deletions.
4. Provide URL's for helpful material on-line.

If you do not receive a reply in a few days please send me a PM :)

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We've generated a new member-name: modoc (moderator documents).

It's used to 'attach' help files into the new Documentation forum and this in turn means that your favorite DIY and Fix-It threads can be archived where they should always be available no matter what forum upgrades or code improvements may follow in the future. The Library\Documentation Forum is found here: Documentation - Road Star Warrior Forum : Yamaha Star Warrior Forums
  • The initial group of 'attachments' have now been installed into a range of 'help threads'.
  • The first 'Member Library' (developed by LeaderDuece) is also installed and can be used.
To handle Forum concerns about copyright issues, only Super Moderators can post in the Documentation forum. To develop and maintain organization, ArizonaWarrior is responsible for uploading, replacing/improving, or deleting attachments. Any Super Moderator can help in an emergency.

----------------- what's next ----------------

It would be great to fill-in-the-blanks where we don't have an attachment yet, plus there's plenty of room to add more Posts into existing Threads, and even new Threads in certain cases. New additions to the Documentation will usually be 'vetted' the same way the materials already installed were: by discussing in public forum for awhile. That way all Members have a chance to help catch errors, and help organize things. Errors and omissions can happen even with the best of efforts, so the usual disclaimer applies: use help files at your own risk and always check the service manual and other sources before doing anything. Because its handy to print a help file and have it at the bike while doing the work, for Member's convenience all attachments will be 'unlocked for printing' even if otherwise password protected. This means attachments that are 'locked against printing' will not be added into the Documentation but can still be posted elsewhere in the forum.

With all that in mind, when you notice a particularly helpful Thread or Post and you think it could make a good technical 'help file' then why not post its URL, or somehow somewhere start the conversation, and let's see where it takes us?

Hope it Helps.
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