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I finally did it!!!!

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After about 8 months of agonizingly checking, ebay and any other online bikes for sale sites I need not look any longer. On Friday I picked up my new-to-me 2002 Titanium Warrior. It has rinehart exhaust(sounds incredible), a custom BAK and integrated tail(custom made by previous owner) I will attach a pic and I want your opinions. It is the opinions of you all that made me decide on the Warrior in the first place.

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Congrats 1320...

You'll love the bike.. /emoticons/emotion-1.gif
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Welcome to the site, and congrats on your Warrior. Definitely a good choice. Let the modding begin!
Looks Great! Glad to hear that we a have another warrior rider. Let the modding begin! Congrats.
Many congrats and welcome to the family 1320.
Welcome to the crazyness. As for my opinion I think those pipes look terrible. You should box them up imidiatley and send them to me. I will graciously replace them with a stock set up and a set of chaimbermaids. The heat sheild is pretty much worn through on the front pipe, but it's all on the bottom so it's barely noticable.
Congratz! And
what color is that? is that a brown, I've never seen brown-looks good.
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