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09 RSW. Ivan’s tune, Churchkey Vbak, AIS block off, Magnatec coils, Custom slip on, chopped rear.
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Hey folks,
It’s been pouring down rain and having some time in the garage, went ahead and did the deed.

Warrior Brian has a good video out on how to do this and the only difference between his bike and mine, ( The year of course), is the pulley lock nut;
So I won’t try and re-invent the pulley.

I would suggest that whatever year your Warrior, while doing this job, is get a new pulley locknut. I figured I’d booger mine up getting it off, which I did, so I had a new one ready.

I used an air impact with a 30mm socket and easily removed the pulley locknut.
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While I was down there, I did some cleaning.
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After putting it all back together, I reckon the longest part was getting the rear wheel aligned and the belt tension done at the same time. Patience is a virtue.
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I’ll get on her tomorrow and spread her longer legs for a good long ride.
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