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Thanks CarKnee, I wasn't sure if it was working. Great job btw!!

I think U4EA is on to something here, I think a group chat session would be a great time to get everyone familiar with using the chat feature, plus would help knit this close-knit group together even more. Maybe we could have a "Mods Time" session or a "BigShots User" session or other topical sessions such as those. Chat is one of those things that can be very useful or can waste a lot of time, depending on how well it is applied.

This website has so drastically surpassed some of the others I visit it isn't even funny. All thanks to the quality of our members, the unselfish sacrifice of our moderators and of course the technical skills and talent of CarKnee.

Take a BIG bow guys, each and every one of you, cause you deserve it!!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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