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Curious as to why you didn't slap an Ivan's onto the Raider? What didn't you like about the Raider then?
I want to take the time to brag on Ivan’s flash without a power commander. The way this bike rides now is nothing short of impeccable. The throttle response is inhuman and power distribution from beginning all the way to the higher 5900 rpms is breathtaking. There is no backfire popping in the pipes, the pipes themselves sound meaner because of the flash itself, the bike is alive. I’ve owned 3 super sport bikes, a raider, and a couple other turds and this warrior with the flash is simply a smile machine. Just wanted to really give Ivan props because he advised me all along I could run without the power commander which mine was in fact bad from dynojet. But it runs SO good. I must it be. Had some really enjoyable rides the last few days, leisurely cruising in the country, 120 mph bursts, and some curve carving peg scraping fun. No more heavy engine braking and jerky jerky slow downs, usage of brakes increase but the affect well worth it. Kudos to the warrior and to Ivan for his product. And to end in short my mods are Vance and Hines big shots pipes, churchkey big air pod kit, ais block off, and Ivan’s ecu performance flash.

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