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for the pure sake of joining this exclusive club!!! Just kidding, but nice to have found you all!

I've been eyeballing a Honda Rune for months, and could not feel like I could make the investment. I saw the Warrior with some mods, and I was hooked! After some searching, I found a great deal (well maybe someone here can tell me if I did score or not) Anyway, I'm picking it up on Monday, it's a 2004 with less than 1k miles. Has only one mod and that's cobra pipes. Owner says it's perfect condition (as showroom new). I'm paying $6800 for it.

My last bike, 87 Honda Hurricane 1000 was fun, but I expect to have alot more fun with this. With so many mods available, I'm afraid I'll be addicted as some of you.

I'll post some pics as soon as I get a few things done. Are there any hook-ups for parts and installs you can suggest for bolt on mods in Dallas/Garland Texas areas. I had a great one for my 99 Mustang GT that we did just about every bolt on including a supercharger. He did it for hobby/beer money.

First things I expect to do...
1. Handle bars - drag type?
2. Forward controls?
3. Seat?
4. Some chrome
5. Eventually a 240+ rear assy mod.

Thanks for any input...


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Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you got a good deal, but HEY! any deal on a Warrior is a good deal.[/emoticons/emotion-5.gif] Anyway...Be sure to post up some pictures of your new ride, as soon as possible. Because a picture says a thousand words...

Best of luck with your new ride...

Mark aka Mad Man

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Hey man!, welcome!
I would say you got a great deal!. I paid more for mine but had a few mods like some chrome, lowered, BAK installed, 31 tooth front sproket. And I feel like I got a GREAT deal. So congrats and Welcome and hold on to your a$$ becuase the fun is just about to start for you.
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