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quote:Originally posted by daveinoregon

Welcome to the forum Rex! You made a great choice, between now and Spring there's enough reading material via searches on this site to keep you busy learning about your new bike.


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Congratulations. Welcome to the 4M. You just bought a great motorcycle and are now going to read thousands of posts that will convince you that you must take a second mortagage to make it better. The MOD bug willl bite with a vengence. The more you resist the harder it bites. Save yourself some cash and just give in. Do not under any circumstances by the Maintenance program. Maintenance is fun and you won't trust them to do it right after the horror stories you read about even if you have the best stealer in the world.
On that note you are bound to ask what is the most important/most bang for buck mods. IMHO:
1 Fill out your profile and Post some pictures to avoid grief.
2 ECU MOD so you can bump the ECU to get rid of the factory leaness(I went up 3 on each cylinder $0 (yeah a freebie) plus you'll need it done for the next mod. Make note of your stock settings you'll want to go back after PCIII install.
3 Rear fender clean up while your waiting for VBAK, While your at it remove all stickers of advisory or advertising nature or you will be flamed the first time you post pictures
4 Church VBAK and AIS Block off (Do at the same time) bump the ECU up
5 AFtermarket exhaust - bump the ecu up
PCIII with /emoticons/emotion-4.giferfect install no we can't do anything stock.
6 Dyno tune for custom map for PCIII
7 if your tall its time for forward control exxtensions. If you are going to go with an aftermarket seat and are 6' go with the 5" extensions (voice of experience)
8 After market seat if you ride more than 15 min. at a time
9 Now its time for asthetic improvements Paint, Chrome, windshields/fairings,Chrome, Handlebars, chrome, pegs, chrome, mirrors.
10 Now you cant leave well enough alone. the bikes already got 3000 miles time for HC pistons cams turbo NOX (just the neccessities honist honey).
11 **** cant get the back to lock up time for the 300MM kit.
12 Bike is now yours and perfect. no one can tell who made it and it runs like a raped ape.
13 Sell bike and do it again because your an obsesive compulsive modifier and if you don't youl'll chew your tongue off.
I personally am at the point of resisting the engine internals and the wider rear tire is really pointless. Tongue tastes pretty good with hot sauce.

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Welcome to the forums and to the Midnight Club! You're going to LOVE that 05 Midnight Warrior!! Trust me!! I love mine!!![^][/emoticons/emotion-1.gif][/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]


Mark aka Mad Man
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