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Make sure and check out or Call me @ 775.351.8221

(thank you to everyone who has supported me on this site, and for allowing me to post pictures of my work installed on your bad a$$ Custom Warriors)

This is my cell phone number, please feel free to call if you have questions about turn around time, installation, or have fabrication work that is not listed such as frame work, or extended swingarms for your drag racing project,etc.

Wide Tire Swingarms:
*** 240 Raw Swing Arm $450
*** With powder coat finish $525

*** 250/260 Raw Swing Arm $650
*** With powder coat finish $725

*** 280 Swingarm w/Powder Coat Finish $775 (this includes removing to stock right side arm, machining a solid out alumunim right side that ties into the other braces, This is the only way I will build a 280 swingarm. This includes bearing removal and installation as well as correct spacers for the pulleys)

Kit Pricing- Kit Prices Include Either A stock style powder coated finish, all parts are refinished to better then new then powder coated with bearings installed. The kits come ready to Install and in going on 10 years, I will personally have done going on 100 wide tire kits, never had a failure, never once had once come back for any issues ever.... Each one is Built by me, each weld is done by my hands, each kit is test fit before shipping. The kit is the most common choice as it's a simple bolt on for almost anyone with even little previous experience, I give my cell phone to each customer so they can call me at any time and I can walk them thru installation.

1) 240 Kit $1700

2) 250/260 kit $1,850

3) 280 kit $1,900

Hidden Brake Caliper Brackets
1) raw finish $110
2) powder coat finish $135

Custom Motor Mounts
1) Motor mount w/powder finish and New HardWare Ready to bolt on $135

*****Some items may be in stock and ready to ship. Please call for complete inventory. *****

Wheel Widening

Stock wheel width up to 12" wide.

Raw wheel with visible weld: $850

Raw wheel with smooth weld: $999

With powder coat finish,bearing removal and install: $1,099

Kit Prices Include bearing removal and installation which alone saves on average $200-300 as most dealers charge 3 hours labor to due this service, and will not re-use bearings. In most cases I can use your old bearings saving and additional $200-250, of course it will depend on bearing condition but can say roughly 9 out of 10 times I'm able to reuse them SAFELY. If something does not look right or you would Simply like to upgrade at this time we can go over this at the time or your order.


Don't want to wait for the exchange? Can't have any down time? RUSH FEE additional (please call for details)
*** If you want a wheel, swing arm, hidden caliper mount with no down time, this is going to add to the cost as this is usually an exchange service. As slow as things are for the Warrior, these are just the facts of doing these kits. Adding a rush fee will mean no waiting in line or BS like many of us have faced over the years, and 3 week waits turning into 10 weeks. It happens with wheels, chrome, custom paint, believe me I deal with it. Anyone who has ever had a custom ride, car, gun, house, etc knows how frustrating this can be. So again if you don't want to wait, that is understandable but you will be charged a rush fee like any other business unless you just get lucky and I have one ready and sitting on the shelf which is not very common due to the Demand for my parts, as well as these are not some mass produced products each item is built by me to the highest standards possible one kit at a time.***


These are exchange prices. You will send your stock parts and I modify them for you (3-6 week turn around time usually, call for estimate or special circumstances). If you are in a hurry, you can pay a refundable core charge and I will send you my in stock items (if available). You will have 2 weeks to send your stock items back. They can not be damaged or salvage swing arms/wheels as I will not sell those to other customers. I just need a good set of used warrior swing arms, brake brackets, etc. Once I receive your stock exchange items, I will go over them to inspect for damage, previous repairs, etc. In all my years of doing this I think there has only been 2 swing arms that I would not exchange, but the customer in both instances told me they were from salvage yards so we worked it out with no issues.


this will be on top of the normal exchange price, and will be refunded as mentioned above. Call if you do not understand or have questions.

*swing arms $250
*brake brackets $150
*wheels $300-500 per wheel. There are several factors, please call for a quote.

Again this fee will be refunded once you have satisfied the above rules.


Bearing installation, removal, etc will be on a case by case basis. A lot of times I can reuse your stock swing arm bearings, but not always. On wheels there are so many factors as all of our bikes are getting old so I will remove them and give you a call about what we need to do, but I will not send something I do not feel is safe. You are free to just have your wheel widened and deal with the bearings install on your own if you are comfortable with this type of work.

I tried to put as much information as possible to make the easy for everyone, but a call is the best way to get an exact price, timeline, ask questions, etc.


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In Progress welding pictures of Frames, Swing Arms, Hidden Caliper brackets, Wheels, and Other Warrior Mods (tank stretches, chain drive conversion, Worlds Fastest Warrior Build and Other examples of my work).
***My current Warrior Project, 300mm tire, raked triple trees, extended forks 1.5", etc

By Far The Wildest Warrior On The Planet. I can not take credit for as much as I would have liked to as this "Wild Man" moved and it was not cost effective, but frame work, misc. gusset, bracing, welding, swingarm reinforcements, etc. I can take credit for. "I was absolutely honored and humbled to be allowed to work on such an amazing bike build"

***Raked Warrior Frame "Hidden finish, but I would not sell to anyone using there bikes as a daily rider"

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