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This is the frame from Barons "Rear License Mount w/LED License Frame" kit....

But I have JUST the LED frame.

It is chrome ( I hate chrome ) and has a row of white, flat LEDs on the bottom, or top, depending on how you install it, in a kind of "tray"....

Why Barons has yet to post a pic of it on their site I don't know, but if you buy the "KIT" ^, it's the frame you get now.

It has never been used, and I have the chrome screws and bolts that came with it.

Now, I'm not sure how to price it, so -

This is the KIT on Phat's - Barons Warrior Rear License Plate $116.95

This a cheap LED frame - Radiantz Chrome Cast LED License Plate Frame $27.95

This is an expensive one - Kuryakyn Lighted License Plate Frame $79.95

I'm think'n 50 bucks.

What'a you think ?

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If noone hits you up,, I'll take it but, not for 50.. not saying its not a good price, but I'll just buy the radiant (have to moderate the spending on the bike or the weddings off!! haha) If noone wants, look me up..
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