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Looking for some feedback on these replacement LED headlights.

I'm struggling on how to choose between the 2.
I'm also open to hear if you think something else is better.

Vision X
JB Speaker adaptive

I do currently own a Jeep Wrangler which I bought the 7" version of the Vision X lights. I'm very happy with those especially with the switch that keeps the low beams on when I turn on the High beams. It's like having a light bar with out having alight bar.

I'm currently emailing both manufacturers of these lights to find out the pluses and minuses.
If there are any riders out there that have one of these lights I'd like to hear your input.

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-I have did much research on what I was looking for in an LED headlight replacement for the OEM RSW headlight. I decided on the JB Speaker, even though it does not have the "halo" lamp. Three reasons I went this way are:
1). Made In USA by Americans, utilizing American sourced components.
2). The incredible quality and quantity of the light produced by this light and the ease of
installation/adjustment of headlight beam. (I used the JB Speaker adapter kit).
3). JB Speakers customer service is top tier as is the company itself.

These reasons were what made the decision for ME to support them with my money.
Yes, there are cheaper (Chinese, S. Korean) options, some have great customer care,
some have a great product for lesser money. Ultimately the decision rests with you.
Hope this helps and Ride Safe!!
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