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Hi guys,

I just bought a pair of mirrors with LED turn signals. I am trying to replace the stock turn signals with these ones. I took off the stock turn signals and the bike is now making poping noises + the lights blink too fast. I know these things can be solved with a load equalizer, but I also want to have them function as runnning lights.

I found an eclipse module on the custom dynamics web page ( that converts turn signals into running lights + turn signals.

They also have this Standard DOT Flasher unit ( that replaces the stock flasher relay so if I buy this insted of the load equalizer will it fix the fast flash rate and also get rid of the noises coming from the bike when I turn it off?

I was looking into getting the Universal 7.5 Ohm Metric Turn Signal Load Equalizer ( Turn Signal) would this be a good choice?

So what should I get:

1. The eclipse module with the load equalizer

- with this option does it matter if I put the load equalizer before I attach the eclipse module or after I attach it?

2. The eclipse module with the Standard DOT Flasher relay


3. The eclipse module, Standard DOT Flasher relay and equalizer?

Thanks for the help!
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