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HEY guys.. I have used this site for about 2 years now to check out mods on warriors, (thankx by the way). Mine is a 2003. And now I need some advice! I'm 6'2" and needed the forward controls for comfortability and had a sweet linkage, now I need a new linkage and the plain peice of crap that came with the kit is all I got.../emoticons/emotion-6.gif I tried a web site called "linkage" that had some great costom linkages, but they only make them with male threaded ends, the warriors links are female threaded and the heims are male threaded. Is there anyone out there who knows some place where I can get a nice custom linkage for my bike?? p.s. I don't know who, but someone earlier this year posted the custom chrome gas tank cap from Orient Express and I got it for christmas and it is lights-out!! You can check out my bike in the gallery under Head_deacon, its an old pic but I will try and get a new one soon!! THANKX FELLA'S
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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