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While on a recent ride I noticed that my crash bar had came loose at one of it's connection points. Looking at it more closely I found that the bolt had rusted through and snapped where it connects to the coil bracket (5px-213259-01-00) on the bike's frame. Tried to remove the bracket to extract the screw and just my luck, the bolt on the other side snapped. Haven't had any luck with getting both bolts extracted so I'm looking to get a replacement bracket. Funny thing this I got the original one on here back in 2015, hoping I can get lucky again. Thanks in advance!

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I'm unfamiliar with seller but look in the box here:

If you need the two bolts for the bracket to the frame neck they might be there too. Else Yamaha number 91317-06025 possibly hex head 6mm by 25mm long. Standard pitch for that thread is 1.0 so it's a very safe bet although not 100% certain. Get stainless.

The four bolts holding the coils to the bracket are 91380-06025 probably exact same as used above except stainless Allen button heads look nice. Same pitch.

For all of these screw threads, apply a very thin coat of anti-seize and tighten carefully because it makes things slippery therefore torque a little lighter and it will still stay put. Run screw in and leave it alone don't tweak it let it sit.

I'm not a fan of that particular accessory being attached to the coil bracket. The bracket is going to fail when loaded (tip-over or road incident or just too much weight applied).
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