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Great tool found, read below.

Hi all,

I've got 2 Mastercraft Maximum torque wrenches (20 to 250 ft-lb), one for 3/8" and one for 1/2" sockets.
They were in special at 50% off each so I decided to get both:

I tried to find something decent for measurements below 20 and I cound not find anything, except the manual $19.95 wrenches with scale indicator. I'm pretty meticulous related to my bike and I want to have all bolts and nuts tighten to proper manufacturer specifications.

What can you recommend me? Thanks for your advice.


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Re: Looking for a good 0-100 torque wrench

Thanks for your help, mentalcase.

After 2 days of spending on the phone with torque wrench companies and also few visits over the weekend to specialized chopper/bike shops in Montreal... I finally got my new tool. It is a dial torque wrench, made by Precision Instruments:

Precision Instruments (PRED2F300HM) 0-300 in/lb Torque Wrench (0-25 ft/lb) With ±1% Accuracy
(reviewed also by WebBikeWorld)

It comes with a calibration compliance
certificate that certifies the wrench to MIL STD 45662A
and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 with accuracy traceable to the
National Institute of Standards and Technology. It's accurate to ±1% from 20% to 100% of its capacity
in either direction. One percent calculates to
plus or minus 0.25 ft/lbs. at its maximum application of
25 ft/lbs. This is just the ticket for those tiny
little hex head cap screws that secure the flimsy
aluminum side covers on motorcycle engines.

Precision Instruments claims that it has an "Exclusive Torsion Bar Design",
which connects the 3/8" square drive directly to the
dial. This allows the user to get a reading
directly. They also claim that the position in
which the hand holds the tool is not critical, unlike
other torque wrenches, which must be held at a certain
spot along their length to get a correct reading.

I just order it today from ToolTopia. They have it on sale for $150.71 until this Wednesday. Manufacturer RSP is $235.00.
I'm very happy with the purchase, I will be able from now on to properly torque all my bolts and nuts, based on Yamaha recommendations. The wrench comes also with a 1 year warranty, if used as instructed.
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