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midwest newbie

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Hello everyone,
I've had my 2002 warrior for almost 4 years now and it's almost payed off, so I decided to start modding.

I decided to start by replacing the stock muffler with BUB jugg huggers.
The sound seems a little more appropriate for the bike.

I have seen alot of awsome and inspiring bikes on this site!
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Welcome to the site Pablo. I'd say after 4 years you should know what you want. There use to be a band in the 70's named Pablo Cruise. Think I'm gonna have to call you Pablo Cruiser after you get your bubs.
Hi there Pablo. Congrats on paying off the bike, hope that the extra pennies that you'll have get you some nice shiny bits n' pieces.
Welcome to the forum Pablo. Im just off I90 in Rockford, Theres also about a dozen or so Warriors around the Chicago area.

Another forum you need to logon to
Seems like they always meet at Freddies on the Saturday or Sunday and the Strats on Wednesday
Welcome Pablo.
So what have you been doing for the last 4 years if you've only been a member since 7/2/06? Have you just been a lurker on this site or what?

Whatever the reason welcome to the forum.
Welcome Pablo. Where in Ill are you at? There are a few of us in the Greater STL metro area. We havent organized a ride yet, but maybe we should. Welcome again to the boards.
I think you've broken the record for riding stock the longest?
Hey moderators, does he won anything for that?
Thanks for all the welcome comments.
I just found this site recently, as my interest in modding has led me to seek greater insight.
Welcome to the 4M![8D]
Welcome to the madness Pablo Cruiser.
Welcome aboard! Are you really sure you want to start thge addiction?LOL
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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