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Well as you can see I am back again, been VERY busy and been having some puter issues. Got one of them USB thingies and it didn't work real well, so had to take it back and change it for a new one. That is of course after we had changed the Sim Card. Process of elimination.

All seems to be working fine now so heres hoping it continues.

The rebuild is moving along slowly, most of my parts are scattered around the countryside, as in people are borrowing my gear so that they can get theirs painted or moded, Raven has currently got my wheels and getting them powder coated black for his bike. NO, not the chrome ones, they are currently on Fuzz' bike touring around. I got his old ones and getting them chromed.

The engine cases are in and I need to get some engine parts before I can send it in to be changed over. Being the way the AU$ is at the moment I'm probably best to get the parts here for now.

I'll keep you all posted on "My frame is here " thread from now on.

Is there anybody else that needed things from me as discussed at WWW2008?

Catch you all again soon.
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