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New Bike, New Member

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Well, I'm sort of new to the forum. I've been reading a lot of stuff here over the last few weeks.

Yesterday I picked up my brand new 2006 Red Yamaha Warrior! Its bone stock and had less than 1 mile when I picked it up. We rented a U-Haul motorcycle trailer (for $14.95 per day, a STEAL) and carted it home with no problems. That trailer is really worth the money.

Now, a little about me. This is my second bike. My first was a Suzuki GS250, which I rode for about 2 years 5 years ago. I haven't ridden in a while, but I've been dying to get back on a bike.

This thing is an absolute beast!! I was breaking her in by MotoMan's suggestions, and it was downright scary running through the RPM's at open throttle. I don't have much to compare to, but this bike has some sick power.

This bike steers really well. I thought I may have some trouble getting used to the size, but it really seemed to steer itself for the most part. I had her over pretty good (far from dragging, but good for me). We even rode double up for a couple blocks. The GF loved how smooth it was, and she said she was really comfortable on the back seat.

My bike now has 52 miles on it, and I've got a nice red sunburn. Who would have thought I needed sunscreen to go riding? I am planning to change the oil tomorrow and hopefully get some more riding in.

I was deciding between two bikes, and I'm really glad that I chose this one. I got an awesome deal, this bike being an '06. But most of all, I'm glad that I got a bike that I will grow into. This bike's capabilities are beyond my skills as a rider, but as I get better I know this bike will keep me happy for a long time.

First mods: A good cleaning, and oil change. Remove the decals and stickers. Maybe work on removing the reflectors and eventually the big plastic piece on the back.
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Welcome Pyre , your going to have so much fun
New Warrior owner here also. Congrats on the new bike and finding this 4m. You will learn so much here as I have in the last week. Hope you work well on little sleep cause the "MOD-SOMNIA" is about to set in (if it has not already). Lets see some pics of the new ride!
Welcome to the forum!
Many congrats with the new Warrior & welcome to the crew.
Congrats on the bike and welcome to the best **** forum on the web.

Welcome to the forums!


Mark aka Mad Man
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Congratulations and welcome to the 4M!
Welcome, this forum is going to give you so many ideas you won't know what to do first. Check out the Redhorse mod page, if you haven't already. Several good things you can start on that aren't expensive. Find Redhorse in the gallery, you will find a link to it.
welcome to the 4m, a saw will get rid of the dang mud frap real easy. then use a dremel to get rid of the rest. it will look much better. have fun moding, hope you got lots of money, cause you will spend it allllll. /emoticons/emotion-1.gif

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Thanks for the warm welcome!
Welcome to the forum, you'll love the Warrior. That's a heck of a jump up from the GZ250, I took one of my riders courses on a beasty GZ250 back in the day, so I know the difference between the two, and it is huge. Good luck getting that huge a$$ grin off your face!
hey brother heres a big fat welcome from florida and congrats on purchasing one bad a$$ bike, if you think its bad now wait till you get a few mods under your belt
I recently picked up an 06 with 1 mile on it when I picked it up! Congrats! I don't remember what it's like to drive my car anymore!
Welcome, easy to get lost here reading up on stuff, but then the bike calls. . .
Welcome and Yes once you go Black U Never Go Back.. I hear red is the faaaastest Though..

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Sounds like you're having a ball! That's the idea. Welcome aboard!
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