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The Road Star Warrior Site is under constant improvement.

We'll be adding many new features as time goes on (and fixing not so good "features" as well) So drop by and check this spot out where we will post our latest and greatest improvements so you can spend your time in a fruitful manner.

July 29, 2002
Members are now able to post the PCIII Maps to the site!!!
Go to the PCIII Map Forum and post your custom map today!

August 19, 2002
Upgraded Forum to 3.4

August 20, 2002
Added the State under the authors name in a thread

August 21, 2002
Enabled MSN Messenger Support in the profile

August 26, 2002
Added "Last Updated" to the gallery page

August 28, 2002
1. All new users must have their E-Mail address verified before they are allowed to post.
2. User Names are now restricted to alphanumeric + an underscore
3. Vendor Forum was added.

September 13, 2002
Added the ability to track new posts in topics

September 16, 2002

Members page now lists State and Country

September 25, 2002
Message Icons were added

October 9, 2002
Private Messages were added

October 26, 2002
1. Change Age field to DOB Field in Profile. This is for a possible B-Day MOD to the Forums
2. Added a PCIII Maps Needed forum

October 30, 2002
The My Warrior section now allows you to link to images hosted elsewhere! This will allow users with their own web space to have unlimited images in the gallery!

November 5, 2002
The Links section of the site has been released. Members are now incouraged to list their favorite motorcycle links.

November 11, 2002

The members page now allows for sorting on the members state

November 13, 2002
Members are now forced to use a 2 letter abreviation for the state they live in.

December 14, 2002
Online polls were added to the site.

December 15, 2002
New rules were added to the site. Please see the link up top.

January 2003
Warrior Of The Month was started

January 20, 2003
A chat room was added to the site

March 26, 2003

Image uploader added to certain forums
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