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I've been lurking here for quite some time and I finally did it. After shopping around for a few months, I bought a '06 Midnight Warrior. I think I got a pretty good deal for this area... I could have had a better deal at the "crazy" place, but their reputation is less then stellar. I'm happy with the deal. I pick it up on Monday.

Thanks to this forum, I just dropped an additional $1000 in much needed accessories... Fender Elim, Yamaha T-Bars, Yamaha Stiletto seat, Samson Street Sweepers, a PCIII, and iso grips. Next week will be busy! After I get a feel for the bike and I get the other mods done, then it's the diy BAK and AIS blockoff. I'm still undecided what I want to do with the right side.

Anyway, I'm coming off a YZF600r that I've toured most of the northeast on... this is my first cruiser.

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Welcome to the 4m. You will not be disappointed.

The street sweepers will be a little loud but they look kewl.

I grew up on Long Island a hundred years ago (Levittown), I'm in California now, we have great twisty bits around here for this bike.

Take a look at the flip and grind mod (you can find it on this 4m). I did it to mine and it is awesome.

Again, welcome and enjoy the stump puller.

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quote:Originally posted by lichris

quote:Originally posted by vector18

There are a several of us from LI,Queens,NJ,& CT and we set up
trips on occasion.

Sounds good. I can't wait to pick the bike up on Monday!

Do it NOW!!! The weather is toooooooo good!

PS: Welcome and Congrats.
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