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new guy

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Sorry I havent posted on the "welcome mat" yet but iv been on th esite for about a month. its awesome and i would have wasted alot of money at the stealer if i didnt know about this site!!!
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Welcome aboard , i have the same color as u , how do u like those mirrors can u see good with those![/emoticons/emotion-2.gif]
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Nice bike grabagear, belated welcome to the site mate.
Welcome aboard and it appears the mod bug has already bitten!
Welcome ...and BTW nice pic of your toys in your gallery.....
Congratulations and welcome to the 4M![8D]
Greetings! Glad you joined up with us. Nice looking machine you have there.
Looks like your basketball had a wreck, though.
yeah i cant really see Sh*t out of the mirrors but i can tell if the lights behind me are blue n red/emoticons/emotion-1.gif thats all i need to know i guess. and yeah the basketball in the pic is my dogs he's a pit bull and loves to kill balls/emoticons/emotion-1.gif i got some pics with the new pipes but i cant seem to get them in my gallery?
thanks guys
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Whaw that whit stuff next to you on the ground looks like a beautifull mod...

Welcome and congrats on your educated purchase.
Welcome, Nice bike, goodlooking wife! Hope she works and makes good money!
And YES this is the...
Glad to see you appreciate the site as I do. Great bike as are all warriors.[/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]
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1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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