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I love this site as much as I love this bike. I think everyone on here has excellent insights into about everything there is concerning motorcycling.

So with that being said, what does everyone think about proposing a safety forum (of course if Carknee is up for adding it)? I figure that there would be alot to be learned from others experiences and, unfortunately, their misfortunes.

I was thinking this forum could include lessons learned, riding tips, and motorcycle experiences written in such a way that everyone can learn how to be a better rider from the other forum members. Essentially everyone could learn from others mistakes and experience so we can all ride safer and become more proficient.

What does everyone think?? Its just an idea to improve on what is already an amazingly designed website.


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Requests such as this can be made in the "Web Site New Feature Requests" topic in the Site news and comments forum. It is a sticky post so it will always be on the top of that forum.
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